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Artifacts, Featured and Quality

These artifacts have been vetted through the Featured Articles or Quality Articles process and are suitable for any normal campaign.

Artifact Type Subtype


Artifact Type Subtype
117 Armor plate
5e Artifact Preload
Adamantine Dragon Wondrous Item
Adaption Wondrous item
Aerondight Weapon Longsword
Alondite & Ragnell Weapon greatsword
Amulet of Entomancy Wondrous Item necklace
Amulet of Never-ending Radiance Wondrous item
Amulet of Storms Wondrous Item Amulet
Ao’s Heart Wondrous Item Orb
Apocalypse Weapon maul
Archmagus Manipulators Wondrous Item gauntlets
Argus Amulet Wondrous Item necklace
Armor of Nessus Armor plate
Armor of Thrynn Armor Full Plate
Armor of the Anti-Mage Armor heavy
Ashak-Tal, the Crown of Undeath Wondrous item
Atherial Blade Weapon any sword
Baalphegor's Black Band Ring
Baba Yaga's Mortar and Pestle Wondrous Item
Bagpipes of Piarais Weapon bagpipes
Banner of the Barrows Wondrous Item
Battle Helmet of the Battle-Ox King, Variant Wondrous Item
Belmont Whip Weapon Whip
Black Band of Iron Blood Wondrous Item ring
Black Death Weapon revolver
Blade of Io Weapon Longsword
Blade of Mortals Weapon Arming Sword (5e Equipment)
Blade of R'lyeh Weapon rapier
Blade of the Moon weapon longsword
Blade of the Void Walker Weapon shortsword
Blades of the Samurai Weapon katana and shortsword
Blair Wondrous Item Pendant
Blessing of the Hunt Weapon longbow
Bloodfall Weapon scythe
Bloodspear Weapon Spear
Book of Exalted Deeds
Book of Secrets Wondrous Item
Bow of Balance Weapon shortbow
Bracer of the Holy Pact Artifact Bracer
BrennenYn Weapon longbow
Cadmus Weapon Dagger
Calamity Wondrous Item ring
Canon of Netrous Weapon carry canon
Cataclysm Ring
Champion's Lance Weapon lance
Charge Accumulator Wondrous item
Chronotronic Obelisk Structure
Clarent Weapon longsword
Clerici Clypeus Armor shield
Cloak of Destiny Wondrous Item
Cloak of Kewil Wondrous Item
Cloak of the Gentle Breeze Wondrous Item cloak
Cloak of the Witch Queen Wondrous Item
Cobra Crown Wondrous item circlet/crown
Coffin of True Resurrection Wondrous Item Coffin
Coin of Erbin Wondrous Item Ring
Crown of Zorin Wondrous Item
Crystal of Rage Wondrous Item Arcane Focus
Cypherion Weapon Dual Longswords
Dagger of High-Elven Lords Weapon Dagger
Dagger of Memories Weapon dagger
Dark-Spider Armor Chitin Armor
David Wondrous Item
Dawnbringer of the Aasimar Weapon longsword
Dawnlance Ammunition arrow
Death's Whisper, Quiet in the Howling Void Weapon longbow
Death’s Fowl Oath, Quiet in The Eternal Void Weapon longsword
Dec's Benevolence Weapon
Diabolus ex Nihilo Weapon longsword
Divine Beast Vah Medoh Vehicle
Divine Carapace Armor Chain Mail
Divine Falchion Weapon longsword
Diviner Wondrous Item
Donnonodrion's Glove Wondrous Item
Draco Callidus Weapon greataxe
Draconomicon Wondrous Item Book
Dragon's Tear Wondrous Item
Dragon Boots Wondrous Item Boots
Dragon Claws Wondrous Item Gauntlet
Dragon Fang Weapon Longsword
Dragon Helm Wondrous Item Helmet
Dragon Kusarigama Weapon kusarigama
Dragon Mantle Wondrous Item Cloak
Dragon Riders Bond Weapon longsword
Dragon Scales Armor Scale Mail
Dragonborn Hammer Weapon warhammer
Dragonslayer, Variant Weapon Slabsword
Dragonslayer Weapon Greatsword
Dread Plate Armor plate
Duel Pistols Weapon flintlock pistol
Duplicate Amulet Wondrous Item Necklace
END Weapon scimitar
Egidas Armor Shield
Eisenbrand Weapon Longsword
Equalleum Vehicle
Eternal Mind Blade Weapon Sword
Faust Wondrous Item Glove
Ferra's Journal Wonderous Item
Feuer and Sturm Weapon shortswords
Fey Flute Wondrous Item flute
FoeRazer Weapon Short sword
Frostspeaker Weapon scythe
Fused Shadow Wondrous item helmet
Gae Bolg Weapon spear
Gauntlet of the Prodigal Explorer Wondrous item
Giant Knight's Ring Ring
Gilt Ruin Weapon longsword
Gladius Ignis Weapon Katana (5e Equipment)
Glove of Eldritch Division Wondrous Item Clothing
Glove of the Arch-Magi Wondrous Item
Goggles of Cute Armor Goggles
Goldenor, Vanquisher of Kings Weapon Greatsword
Gorehowl Weapon battleaxe or greataxe
Grand King Armor Armor plate
Grand Kings Armor Armor plate
Grand Mistake Wondrous Item
Grandmaster Bear Armor Armor Heavy
Grandmaster Wolf Armor Armor Medium
Great Master's Glaive Weapon glaive
Greataxe of Half-Orcs Weapon Greataxe
Grovetender Staff Weapon Quarterstaff
Gáe Bulg Weapon spear
Hakurouken Weapon scimitar
Halley's Comet Bow Weapon longbow
Hallowed Defender Armor shield
Hama no Tsurugi Weapon Greatsword
Hammer of Torrak Weapon maul
Hammer of the Lightbringer Weapon Warhammer or Maul
Hand Of The Mountain Weapon Maul
Hand of Midas Wondrous item
Harvest Bringer Ring
Hate Bolt Ammunition crossbolt
Helion Weapon quarterstaff
Hellnight Weapon Bladed Whip
Helm of Marcellus Wondrous item Helm
Holy Night Weapon glaive
Holy Swords of Eredor Weapon Short Swords
Hummingbird Weapon rapier
Idol of Hedonism wondrous item bottle
Incursio Armor plate
Infernal Blade of the Tiefling Weapon Longsword
Infernion Weapon greatsword
Infinity Weapon Longsword
Infinity Quiver Wondrous item
Inquisitor’s Armor Armor Plate
Ioun Gauntlet Wondrous Item
Jigoku No Soko No Ha Weapon okatana (A katana with a longer blade- use the stats of a longsword).
Judgement's Sting Wondrous Item
Katana of the Unseen Weapon Katana
Kerra's Book Wondrous Item
Knightfall Weapon Battle Staff
Lathander's Spark Armor plate
Leviathan, Final Form Weapon longsword
Leviathan Weapon greataxe
Lilith's Power Rod Weapon rod
Lily's Longbow Weapon longbow
Living Lightning Armor Plate
Lolth's kiss Armor breastplate
Longbow of Wood-Elf Lords Weapon Longbow
Longsword of Humanity Weapon longsword
Luciendar Weapon Greatsword
Majora's Mask Wondrous item
Master Sword Weapon longsword or shortsword
Masterpiece of the Smiths Weapon captain's sword
Maw of the Damned Weapon greataxe
Mechronomicon Wondrous Item
Mercyblade Weapon dagger
Mirror of Doom Wondrous Item
Mithral Bear Wondrous Item
Mjolnir Weapon light hammer
Monado Weapon longsword
Monolith Wondrous Item
Morphing Armor Armor clothes
Necrolight Wondrous Item Cloak
Nethuqualm Weapon Greatsword
Nox Weapon scythe
Oculus Staff Wondrous Item staff
Oghma Infinium Wondrous item
Omni Haft Weapon Shapeshifter
Omnitrix Wondrous Item
Orb of Chimera Wondrous Item
Orb of Limits Wondrous Item
Orb of Magic Focus Wondrous Item
Orb of Nature Wondrous Item
Pack Alpha's Token Wondrous Item amulet
Paradox Watch Wondrous Item
Patchwork Dagger Weapon dagger
Pendant of Syranita Wondrous Item
Phantom Katana Weapon katana
Philosophy's Mutation Wondrous Item
Pinewood's Blood Wondrous Item druidic focus
Planeshift Swords Weapon Shortswords
Plate of More Hall Armor plate
Primordial Staff Staff
Rael's Heart Wondrous Item arcane focus
Reap and Sow, Etchers of the Ancient Void Weapon dagger
Reaper's Toll, Token of the Infinite Void Weapon longsword
Ring of Arminian Wondrous Item ring
Ring of Face Wondrous Item Ring
Ring of Solomon Ring
Ring of Stars Ring
Ring of Summer ring
Ring of Total Elemental Command Ring
Ring of the Arch-Magi Wondrous Item
Ring of the Eternal Ice Age Ring any ring
Ring of the Flame Lord Ring
Ring of the Lycanthrope Ring
Riptide (Anaklusmos) Weapon Short Sword
Robe of the Abyss Wondrous Item
Rod of Mass Destruction Rod
Roukanken Weapon katana
Ruby Rod of Asmodeus Rod
RuneKeeper's Scroll Wondrous Item Scroll
Scale Spear Weapon Spear
Scarf of Knowledge Wondrous item
Scribbled Journal Wondrous Item Spell Book
Sea Seeker Weapon cutlass
Shadow's Gloves Wondrous Item
Shadow Dragon Armor Armor light armor, hide, or scale mail
Shadowcarver Weapon saber
Shadowrender Weapon Greatsword
Shard of Radiance Weapon dagger
Shardblade Weapon longsword
Shatterstar Weapon Morningstar
Shield of the Eternal Guardian shield heavy shield
Silvan Court Bow Weapon longbow
Singularity of the Astral Plane Wondrous item
Slayer Weapon greatsword
Sliver of Midnight Weapon Shortsword
Solar's Blessing Wondrous Item talisman
Soul of Darkness Weapon shortsword
Spawning Shard Wondrous Item
Spiritus Weapon quarterstaff/greatscythe
Staff of all power Weapon staff
Star Dreamer Weapon Dual Great-Scythe
Starlight Staff Weapon special
Summersong Platemail Armor plate
Sun Drop Weapon Handaxe (5e Equipment)
Svalinn Armor shield
Sword Of The Stranger Weapon Longsword
Sword of Annihilation Weapon shortsword
Sword of Bahamut Weapon longsword
Tempest in a Bottle! Wondrous Item
Templar Cross Weapon any sword
Temple of Null Wondrous item
Teresa's Thorn Weapon Greatsword
The Administrator’s Clothes Armor light armor
The Black Band of Iron Shadows Wondrous Item ring
The Boom Book Weapon Spell Book
The Chain Veil Armor Helmet
The Cobalt Ward Armor shield
The DM’s Pen Weapon dagger
The Desperate Move Vehicle
The Dimensional Blade Weapon Longsword
The Eye of Lucifer Wondrous Item
The First Hero’s Sword Weapon Greatsword
The Forest Lords Branch Weapon Quarterstaff
The Four Sword Weapon Shortsword
The Giants Fury Wondrous Item Gauntlets
The Givers Mask Wondrous Item
The Godhunt Glaive Weapon Glaive
The Hilt of Many Blades Weapon any sword
The Infinite Shadow Wondrous Item
The Last Prism Wondrous item
The Oculus Weapon Captain's sword
The Orb of Leadership Wondrous Item
The Pipes of Fionnghall Musical Instrument Bagpipes
The Quiver of Infinity Wondrous Item
The Red Club Weapon club
The Ring of Dimensional Rifts Ring
The Ring of Iron Shadows Wondrous Item ring
The Shaed of Shadows Armor cloak
The Silencer Weapon Longbow
The Spellblade of Fire Weapon Greatsword
The Spellblade of Lightning Weapon Rapier
The Sworde of the Wynde and Sea Weapon longsword
The Tyranny of the Evil Armor plate
The Uno Cards Wondrous Item (April Fools)
The Vibe Glasses Wondrous Item Sunglasses
The Weapon of Pure War Weapon
Thorn Weapon longsword
Thunderbolt weapon spear
Titanbane Weapon longsword
Tome of Moon and Stars Wondrous Item spell book
Tome of the Roaring Ocean Wondrous item
Tome of the Searing Flame Wondrous item
Tome of the Tearing Gale Wondrous item
Tome of the Unending Expanse Wondrous item
Tome of the Unrelenting Earth Wondrous item
Tome of the Vanguards Guild Wondrous Item
Torms Shield Armor shield
Totuus Wondrous Item
Umber Spear Weapon spear
Valkyrie's Pride Weapon greatsword
Voidherald's Mantle Wondrous item
Whisper Blade Weapon dagger
Wrath of Dol Arrah Wondrous Item Orb
Wretched Impaler Weapon Spear
Yin & Yang Weapon dual shortswords
Ümkar Weapon warhammer

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