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Sun Drop (I do not own this image)

Weapon (Handaxe (5e Equipment)), artifact (Requires Attunement by a chosen Humanoid(The DM choses whos worthy)

History: This weapon was crafted by the god Lathander for one of his chosen to wield.

Bright Construction: Sun Drop is a magic weapon that grants a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. When you strike a creature with this blade you also do an additional 1d6+Wis radiant damage.

Bright presence: Sun Drop exudes a very bright aura around It to the point that your foes go blind! You know the 5e SRD:Light,5e SRD:Fire Bolt cantrips and you can also cast the 5e SRD:Daylight spell once per short rest.

The Sun Drop: Twice per long rest, you can call forth the divine energy of the weapon to deliver a powerful branding strike upon a deserving foe. When you strike a creature you can use a bonus action to summon powerful divine magic from the ax to deal an additional 1d6+Wisdom radiant, starts to glow with bright light out to 30ft and dim light out to 40ft, and any time the target of this attack is forced to make a saving throw against a spell save of any kind the target of this attack does so with disadvantage. this last for 1+Wisdom modifier minutes.

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