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Armor (shield), artifact (requires attunement)

The Svalinn is a shield which stands before the sun and protects earth from burning in Norse mythology. The Svalinn gives you a +2 bonus to AC, and the wielder becomes immune to fire damage.

Frigid Bash The shield has 1d4+2 charges. The wielder of Svalinn can expend one charge to attack with the shield using their Strength modifier as an action. On a hit, it deals 2d4 bludgeoning damage, 6d6 cold damage, and the target must succeed a DC 17 Constitution saving throw or be petrified in ice. They can repeat this saving throw at the end of each of their following turns. The shield regains 1d4 charges at dusk.


2 minor beneficial properties

2 major beneficial properties

1 minor detrimental property

1 major detrimental property

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