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Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

This elegant violet quiver has a symbol engraved on it of a silver circle, bordered by a black iron rim and containing an infinity symbol of the same black iron. Strangely, while only one may be seen at a time by any individual creature, the symbol appears to always be in the center of vision or as close to it as possible of every creature looking at it. Only 1 arrow appears to be in this quiver, with its tail sticking out. The tail appears to be purple, with a black infinity symbol on it. Dropping another arrow or smaller object within it causes it to seemingly disappear, however, all arrows dropped within it this way can be retrieved by turning the quiver on its head, which releases all items placed in it this way. The one arrow that is in it already however doesn't appear to come loose when this occurs. Regardless of how much has been stored within it, the quiver never weighs more than a pound. The quiver is one of the more sadistic experiments of a powerful Spell Weaver, hence why it's properties are both so intriguing and often times so dangerous.
Random Properties. The Infinity Quiver has the following random properties:

  • 1 minor beneficial property
  • 2 major beneficial properties
  • 1 minor detrimental property
  • 2 major detrimental properties

Infinite Arrows. Drawing an arrow results in it immediately being replaced by another identical arrow. If you previously put an arrow in the quiver of any kind, it will instead be replaced by a copy of that arrow, randomly choosing between multiple arrows put in the quiver (This can be used to change the aesthetic of the arrow that appears if nothing else). When another arrow is drawn or 12 seconds have passed, the arrow drawn previously vaporizes into a cloud of purple mist. If the arrows put in the quiver are removed, any copied arrow other than the mundane one that already appears in the quiver by default will also vaporize in the same fashion, replaced by that default arrow. (DM Note: This could be used to replicate the effects of a magical arrow onto a duplicate. This is the main power this quiver yields, so keep that in mind when you let a player find it)

A Thousand Cuts. When you remain attuned to this item for at least a day, then every sunset an arrow comes from nowhere and attacks you with the speed of your own bowstring. Make an attack roll against yourself with your own modifier for the roll (And the damage dice of your arrow-using weapon), plus 1 to the attack and damage roll for every day you remain attuned to the item. If you don't have a weapon that shoots arrows, use your proficiency bonus plus your Dexterity or Strength modifier, whichever is higher, and a d8 for damage. This attack seems to come from the distance, so if you are in full cover, it cannot hit you and the attack becomes against whatever is standing in its way instead. For each additional +1 bonus to the attack's damage as a result of the amount of how long you've been attuned to it, if the attack hits you it appears to cause an additional tiny cut which could appear anywhere on your body that doesn't cause an additional effect outside of damage (For example, you won't get an eye cut, because that would hamper your vision). Regardless of the arrow you're currently copying, the arrow fired at you is a mundane one identical to the default one in the quiver. It can however be modified by any magical properties your weapon gives it if you have one that gives all your arrows fired from it new properties without limit.

Roll The Bones. You may spend a Short Rest reattuning to the item while you are attuned to it. If you do so, you learn what random properties the item had, but also change them as they're rolled for again. With the Detrimental properties, you can choose to keep any, some or all of the ones you have, and properties that take effect only when you first attune to the item don't impact you because you are already attuned. When you use this property and don't keep either of your current Detrimental properties, the A Thousand Cuts property no longer affects you that day, as if you unattuned to the item when you used this property.
Destroying the Infinity Quiver. This artifact can only be destroyed by a humanoid creature that isn't a god consuming it whole. Should this occur, the quiver is destroyed, but the dimensional anomaly remains, causing the creature to always feel hungry, never be full, and be able to avoid the negative consequences of swallowing normally indigestible things, like arrows, that the creature could not normally survive ingesting. Poisons still affect the creature, and it still receives the nutrients of anything it consumes, assuming there is nutrients to begin with. Anything with no nutrients, such as an arrow, enters the anomaly but has no other effect except that the creature can regurgitate one such item as an action. When the creature that consumed it dies, their body swells and explodes as a million arrows and everything else within the anomaly pile up and burst out in every direction. Everyone within 120 feet of this explosion must make a DC 20 Dexterity saving throw or take 20d20 damage of the damage type (If multiple damage types, the damage type splits evenly between the dice) that the arrow currently being replicated is, with additional appropriate danger for items other than arrows that could be a threat when released this way. Everyone further than 120 but closer than 300 feet from this explosion must make this same save, but do so at advantage. Without anything to contain it, this destroys the anomaly, leaving a permanent two-way gargantuan portal to the plane the creature's soul will go to, having died. The portal can be dispelled using a 9th level dispel magic, or similar spell or effect that ends spells (Spells or curses if the portal leads to a lower plane).

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