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Wondrous Item, artifact

The cauldron was originally found foaming in the bog near a hags window, presumably knocked inside by mistake. it constantly foams and bubbles, shifting and vibrating like an bomb primed to explode. it got its name for the loud screeching laughter that eminates from it when it brews potions. although its ability to follow orders would lead you to believe it is sentient, it is just a marvel of magical invention.
Random Properties. The Cackling Cauldron has the following random properties:
Brewery. Once per long rest, you may ask the cauldron to brew a potion. given the potion costs less than gp, and you have spoken the full name of the potion in common, it will spring to life, cackling and rocketing off to find magical ingrediants. while the cauldron is a miracle of engineering and magic, it appears to have been damaged, and doesnt work very well. after 1d4 hours, it will locate you again, filled with one dosage of liquid. roll a d6

  1. the liquid is a random liquid (mud, urine, blood, tears, sugar water, milk)
  2. the potion is a sickly green, and deals 1d4 poison damage to the consumer
  3. the potion gives a severely weakened version of the effect. for example, if the potion was to grant fire immunity, it gives fire resistance instead. if the potion was supposed to transform you into a dragon, it would give you patches of draconic scales
  4. —5. the potion is exactly as intended
  5. the potion is a far more potent version. if the potion was supposed to give the drinker fieendish qualities, it would fully transform them into a fiend. if the potion was supposed to grant them flight for 1 hour, they get flight for 2 hours. -->

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