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Weapon (shortsword), artifact

The Four Sword, reforged from the shattered remnants of the Picori Blade and the four elements, is a powerful weapon against evil in the hands of one who knows how to use its anomalous properties.

Blade of Legend. You gain a +1 to hits with this weapon, and it deals an extra 2d8 radiant damage.

Four Sword Split. When drawn from its pedestal or scabbard, the wielder splits into four copies of themselves. Each copy has a slightly different colour scheme, their voices are slightly different pitches and they each take on an aspect of the wielder's personality, but otherwise they look identical. Each clone gets their own turn, and can use any abilities the wielder knows. However, the clones cannot travel more than 30 ft. away from the original and vice-versa. In addition, each clone shares the same hit points, and if one clone falls unconscious or dies all other clones die.

Beam Caster. When at full health, the user may use its bonus action to cast the spell power beam.

Evil's Bane. This sword deals twice its damage dice to creatures of the Evil alignment or are unaligned.

Destroying the Four Sword. The four sword will deactivate if the wielder is not holding the weapon. The weapon cannot be destroyed otherwise.

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