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Weapon (cutlass), artifact (requires attunement by someone with a Wisdom or Dexterity score of 17)

Sea Seeker is an old cutlass that was once wielded by Captain Muiriartach until his ship by the same name as the sword was sunk by the battleship King Geraminus disguised as a merchant vessel. The sword features a handle that is coated in black felt and a shiny solid gold basket hilt that features an engraving depicting the face of a banshee like face screaming over a large pirate ship. The blade is made of an enchanted silver that is exceptionally reflective and shiny, the fuller is gold and like the rest of the metal in the sword is exceptionally shiny.

Boat Master. When a character attuned to the sword sails or rides in a boat or water worthy vessel then they naturally know how to navigate the boat with ease. They have advantage on any check made to use one of the ships feature such as firing a cannon, making quick turns, or sailing in stormy weather. When speaking or interacting with seamen or water based creatures, you have advantage on Charisma and Wisdom (Perception) checks.

Design Note: This weapon makes use of the Water Damage (5e Variant Rule).

The Seas Wrath. This weapon deals 1d8 water damage bonus damage. If a spell is used to change this weapon's damage type to another then the d8 of water damage is sacrificed.

The Truest of Silver. This weapon is made of magical silver as such it emanates 40 feet of light, this makes darkness be considered normal light for 20 feet and dim light for 20 feet, dim light is considered normal light for the full 40 feet. You have advantage on attack rolls with this weapon against ghosts and spirits, or more specifically undead creatures who are resistant to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks.

You're a Pirate Pirates do as they please and take no orders. While attuned to this weapon you may conjure a Great Water Elemental (5e Creature) in an empty spot within 10ft of you, the creature is loyal to you and will take verbal orders and it remains for 2 + Your Charisma Modifier. This can only be done once a day and resets at dawn. You are considered Amphibious. You may use the Cantrip Water Bolt (5e Spell)

Wild and Strong You have advantage on rolls against being grabbed or restrained, as well as rolls against anything designed to influence your mind, such as the mind control of an Ilithid or spells to influence your emotions and thoughts.

Curse. This weapon is cursed by the lost spirit of the old Captain. You are bound when you die for Davy Jones locker, and as a result you cannot take an after life and are bound to be stuck in the elemental plane of water when you die and as a result you cannot be revived if you are reduced to 0 hit points and fail your saving throws. This results in your character's soul being trapped in the elemental plane of water and to be hunted by Captain Muiriartach and his ghost ship for all eternity, until either Muiriartach catches you and will likely kill you for defiling his sword with your filthy paws and to essentially have your soul eternally stuck in a jar, OR when your party comes to rescue you from being murdered by Captain Muiriartach. The second part is you have an insatiable, almost irresistible urge to acquire Gold, Riches, and Anything valuable, shiny or just a personal interest.
Destroying the Sea Seeker. This weapon can only be destroyed if it is brought to the Boat Sea Seeker and placed in the arms of the dead Captain Muiriartach, it will be then impossible to remove from his hands. It could theoretically be restored if you traveled to the Elemental Plane of Water where Muiriartach sails in the afterlife, and convinced him that the sword should be allowed to be used by a specific person, in which case that person can remove the sword from the captains hands in the material plane.

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