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Wondrous Item (staff), artifact (requires attunement by a spellcaster)

Those who have attuned with this staff find that it is filled with power. You have a +4 bonus to your ranged spell attacks when holding this staff and also gain access to the following powers:

Sensory. As an action, you can drive the staff into the ground. While the staff is in the ground you gain Truesight and Tremorsense to a range of 60 feet of where the Oculus Staff is placed. You do not have to be in physical contact with the staff but it must remain planted upright in the ground. This ability does not function when in the air, or in or under water. If you move more than 60 feet away from the staff you lose its benefit. This effect be used twice and lasts until the staff is removed from its position. This staff regains all expended uses at dawn.

Oculus Sight. When you have driven the Oculus Staff into the ground and the sensory property is active you may activate oculus sight as an action and may continue to uses oculus sight as an action each turn you continue to use it. Within 120 feet of you, you can target a single creature that you can see. That creature must make a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw. On a failure nothing happens, but on a success, you can perceive all sensory related information (sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell) from the target for up to 1 hour, until you stop using your action to focus on oculus sight, or until the Oculus Staff is removed from the ground. This property may be used once, and this staff regains use of this property at dawn.
Destroying the Oculus Staff. The Oculus Staff can only be destroyed by a permanently blinded smith or craftsman whom serves a God of craftsmanship by smelting the metal of the staff into plane unmarked sheets of thin metal and made into a tome (does not have to be done by the same smith). The tome has an aura of divination for 120 feet. At the first sunrise after its creation the tome begins to fill the pages with arcane markings describing everything it has perceived from its creation to until its destruction. The markings are translated into any language the reader may know. At the first sunset after the tome has been made the smith will regain their sight and their crafting ability will be made nearly flawless in all aspects as proof that the destruction has worked. If the destruction has failed the staff will be remade and teleport to a random location in the multiverse. If any page of the tome is destroyed the craftsman is blinded once more, their ability and knowledge to craft will be stripped away from them, the staff is remade and will teleport to a random location in the multiverse.

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