The Quiver of Infinity (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, artifact (Requires attunement or leave this blank-->Requires attunement by any character who has slain a 7CR creature or higher with a bow or a similar item such as a crossbow as determined by the DM. If you try to attune to this quiver while not meeting the above requirement you hear a whispering voice say "you must prove your worth" then take 2 physic damage. If you are attuned to a magical bow while attuned to this, this item does not count against the number of magical items you may be attuned to.)

Made by a legendary hunter who killed the King of the bears, this quiver was left behind after he ascended to godhood to aid other great hunters in their exploits.

Bottomless, Enchanter of Arrows, Hunters Quarry, Indestructible ,Hunters Wisdom, Bears enemy

Bottomless You can store an unlimited amount of arrows or crossbow bolts in the quiver.

Enchanter of ArrowsEvery 2 hours you may choose up to 20 arrows in the quiver and change their damge type the type change has to be the same for all arrrows. SPECIAL RULES REGARDING ARROWS: Arrows that deal fire damges emit bright light in a 5ft radius and 5ft dimlight from that radius.They also light on fire any flammable objects not being worn. Arrows that deal cold damge slow the targets movement speed by 5ft for thier next turn if they are hit.

Hunters MarkAs an action in or outside combat you can choose a mark. You have advantage on attacks on that target in the first round of combat, always know where the target is within 1.5km including other planes and get a +1 bonus to Survival checks to track the target.

Hunters Wisdom You gain a +2 bonus to nature and survival checks

Bears enmity While attuned to this bow all bears within a 10km radius will try to hunt you down.

Destroying the . The Quiver can only be destroyed by a Beast with Legendary actions available to it after the beast has defeated the owner in combat.

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