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Wondrous Item (Spell Book), artifact (requires attunement by a creature with at least one 1st level spell slot)

This tome appears to be a rattan and nonsensical journal containing only mad ravings and disturbing scribbles of nightmarish horrors. It is unknown who the writer of this journal is, but it is known that they were an incredibly powerful, if mad, spellcaster.

Whispers of Madness While attuned to this book, a creature may spend 10 minutes reading it upon waking. This creature may select three 1st level spells and two second level spells from any spellcasting class. These spells do not need to be from the same spellcasting class. Each one of these spells may be cast once, not requiring any spell slot or material components to do so. A creature may only read the tome once before requiring a long rest to do so again and gain the benefits for doing so. If the attuned creature attempts to read it again before completing a long rest, they take 3d6 points of psychic damage and are stunned for 1 minute. If any creature that is not attuned to the book attempts to read it, they take 6d6 points of psychic damage and are stunned for 1 hour. A creature may not be forced to read the book, and any creature that can not read any language is unaffected by the book.

Manic Wisdom While attuned to this book, you may select 2 skills in which you are proficient, and may now add twice your proficiency bonus to those skill checks.

Destroying the Scribbled Journal. This book can only be destroyed by magical fire created by casting a spell at 9th level.

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