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Wondrous Item (arcane focus), artifact (requires attunement)

The High-Elven magister Rael was a wicked and cruel woman. For centuries, she amassed power, becoming a symbol tyranny and dread. With her power, she created her short-lived empire - The Golden Court. While on the throne, Rael discovered her mastery over the powers of storm and sky. With her newfound strength, she created an endless and wicked storm that engulfed the land and sea, trapping her subjects. It was only the efforts of a human druid named Wick Pinewood that resulted in the tyrant queen's eventual demise. Despite being burnt to ashes, the magister's heart remains. From its resting place, the heart of the wicked Rael reaches out to tempt the magically gifted to find it...

A creature may not attune to Rael's Heart unless they have at least one 4th level spell slot or 4th level Pact Magic spell slots. In the process of attunement to this item, one must cut out their own heart, and put Rael's Heart in its place. Once attuned to this item, you remain attuned until death, and if Rael's heart is ever removed, you die.
Random Properties. The Rael's Heart has the following random properties:

  • 1 minor beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property
  • 1 major detrimental property

Heart of the Storm. While attuned to this item, you become immune to lightning damage and thunder damage.

Tempest Lord's Mantle. While attuned to this item, whenever you deal lightning or thunder damage, that damage deals the maximum amount possible. For example, casting chain lightning as a 6th level spell would deal 80 points of lightning damage to every creature affected. (Or 40 of a passed save) In addition, your spell attack bonus and spell save dc both increase by 2 while attuned to the heart.

The Storm's Cruelty (Curse). While attuned to this item, at every dawn, the heart casts suggestion (DC 17) on you. On a failure, the heart successfully tempts you into performing an act of evil and cruelty. Sometimes, the heart may have a specific act of wickedness for you to perform, though most of the time, it simply demands that you make someone suffer for its pleasure. If Rael's Heart knows of the presence of Pinewood's Blood, the DC of this saving throw increases to 23 and the suggestion will be explicitly that the creature attuned to Pinewood's Blood is a threat to you and must be slain.
Destroying the Rael's Heart. To destroy the heart, one who is attuned to Pinewood's Blood must slay the creature attuned to Rael's Heart.

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