Vorinthar, The Blood Lord’s Ring (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item (ring), artifact (requires attunement by a Blood Caster approved by the ring)

During the height of the Blood Lord’s rule, he saw his own fall and created a ring to prevent that. When The Blood Lord was slain, his consciousness and most of his power went into the ring.
Master watches over me. The ring pulses with confidence giving you advantage in social checks that concern Deception, Intimidation, and Persuasion.

Feel the power. The ring feels as if it has a hidden power you can set free. Once per day you can roll a D100 for a chance to add power to your next spell 1-5 the spell fails to cast, 6-94 your spell casts as intended, 95-100 your spell casts with 50% more damage. you regain use of this every dusk. (Only effects spells you make a spell attack roll for. Ex. Acid Arrow does 4d4 if you get a 95-100 on your d100 you would do 6d4 instead of 4d4)

Parting gift. If you are rendered unconscious and not out right killed by a melee attack/melee spell attack the ring will cast Resilient Sphere onto the attacker. This can not be used again for d10+2 days

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