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ring, artifact (requires attunement)

This ring was designed to be a type of counter or opposite for the Ring of Winter from Tomb of Annihilation.

Nondetection The ring defies attempts to magically locate it. Neither the ring nor the fielder can be targeted by any divination magic or perceived through any sitting sensors.

Pheonix Blood Using all the power that the ring has to offer you, you are able to be reborn once. If you die while wearing the ring, your body immediately turns to ash along with everything that you are wearing, the ring being the exception. Suddenly, in a very bright and colorful array of fire, your body is reborn. You stay the same race but you must reroll your health and stats. You are also returned to level one if you are any higher level. Additionally, when you are reborn, the ring is transported somewhere else in the world. Even if you are able to somehow find the ring again, you cannot attune to the ring ever again.

Fire Immunity While attuned to and wearing the ring, you have immunity to fire damage and don't suffer from any ill affects from extreme heat.

Magic The ring has 12 charges and regains all its expended charges at dawn. While wearing the ring, you can expend the necessary number of charges to activate one of the following properties.

  • You can expend one charge as an action and use the ring to raise the temperature in a 120-foot-radius sphere centered on a point that you can see within 300 feet of you. The temperature raises by 20 degrees every minute, to a maximum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This effect is permanent unless you use the ring to end it as an action, at which point the temperature returns to normal at a rate of 10 degrees every minute.
  • You gain the ability to cast the control flames[1] cantrip at will.
  • You can cast one of the following spells from the ring (Spell Save DC 17) by expending the necessary number of charges: burning hands (1 charge), scorching ray (1 charge), fireball (2 charges), fire shield (2 charges), wall of fire (2 charges), immolation[2] (2 charges), investiture of flame[3] (3 charges), disintegrate (4 charges) the spell deals fire damage instead of force damage.
  • You may expend 5 charges to summon a fire elemental. It has all of the same abilities as a fire elemental and only takes commands from the person who summoned it. The fire elemental appears in an unoccupied space within 60 feet of you. The creature turns to ash after 24 hours or when it reaches 0 hit points. In extreme cold, it loses 5(1d10) hit points per minute.

Sentience. The Ring of Summer is a sentient, chaotic evil item with an Intelligence of 14, a Wisdom of 14, and a Charisma of 17. The ring communicates by transmitting emotion to the creature wielding or wearing it, and it has hearing and normal vision out to a range of 60 feet. The ring craves destruction and it likes inflicting indiscriminate harm on others.
Personality. The Ring of Summer has two goals in its existence. The first one is to turn every living creature it meets, besides the wielder, to ash. The second, is to destroy the Ring of Winter and anyone who would posses the Ring of Winter. If the wielder has not done anything to seek out the wielder of the Ring of Winter or if the wielder does not turn a creature to ash every week, a conflict between the Ring of Summer and its wielder occurs at the next dawn.

Other Properties The Ring of Summer is said to hold other properties that can only be activated by evil beings whose will the ring can't break. It is rumored that the ring has the ability to set entire world's ablaze, summon powerful fire primordials, or even summon and control red dragons.

Destroying the Ring There are very few ways to destroy this ring, even in the most intense magical frosts. If the ring is placed on the finger of a powerful ice primordial named Cryonax, the ring will freeze over and destroyed forever.

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