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ring, artifact (Requires attunement (requires you to be good or neutral aliment))

this ring was created by a goddess to save the lives of heroes in combat. it looks like a gold ring with a line of rainbow gems going around the center which have "for those who do good". it was the goddess last gift to the world be for she was killed protecting it and all memory of her was lost. all memory but the ring.
Random Properties. The Omega Sirona has the following random properties:

  • 3 minor beneficial properties
  • 2 major beneficial properties
  • 0 minor detrimental properties
  • 0 major detrimental properties

Life burst When the Hero attuned to this ring is killed in combat the ring starts to glow violently and releases a burst of healing energy which revives the Hero and it's allies healing them to full, restoring all charges or magic items that they have, and restoring spell slots and ability's. this leaves the ring shattered and broken but it magically floats on the attuned's finger.

Hero's assistant Once life burst has activated the then will assist it's user in combat by releasing burst of radiant of energy that forces all enemies in a 300 foot sphere centered on the ring to make a dc 18 wisdom or take 10d4 radiant damage or half as much if they succeed and it will do this ever other turn of the attuned.

sentient The ring is sentient has to remaining bits of its creators soul inside of it. The ring has a int score of 19, wis score of 20, and a cha score of 15. It's personality is shy and kind but the ring will only refer to it's self as Omega and it can't remember who created it. The ring prefers to be regarded as female. The ring knows what it's purpose is and will diligently do it, but it also learns to know who created it. if a evil creature try's to attune to the creature takes 10d100 radiant damage.

Goddess departed Once the ring has activated life burst and hero's assistant and the combat that has triggered them has end the ring will prepare to depart to the plane of positive energy. The next time the Hero attuned to it takes a long rest they will have a dream of the goddess thanking them for protecting their child and tell them that the ring will be gone when they wake up but the ring will try to return to them. The ring will then end the attunement and teleport to positive energy plane and rest for 1 month if the hero is still alive when the ring is done resting and is still good or neutral it will teleport in to the pocket of the hero. If the hero died while attuned to it or after the ring fully activated but before it left, the ring teleports to the positive energy plane for 1000 year and will appear back the material plane. if the hero died after the ring departed it will appear back on the material plane.
Destroying the Omega Sirona. there is no way to destroy it.

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