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Armor (light, medium, or heavy), artifact

The hide is durable and plentiful enough to make any size of armor from Tiamat's hide.

Fortitude. While wearing Tiamats hide you have a +3 to your AC score, on top of your calculated AC from the type of armor.

Prismatic Blast. While wearing Tiamats hide you gain the benefit of being able to add 8d8 damage of either fire, cold, lightning, poison, acid, or thunder damage to a single attack. You can do each attack once and to recharge them you must take a long rest. This damage is only rolled after you roll to hit.

Light Fit. You do not have disadvantage on Stealth checks while wearing this armor.

Queen Killer. You have advantage on all Intimidation checks against dragons.

Armor Time to Craft Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight
Light Armor 36 Hours 14 + Constitution modifier + additional bonuses lb.
Medium Armor 60 Hours 16 + Constitution modifier + Strength modifier + additional bonuses lb.
Heavy Armor 84 Hours 18 + Constitution modifier + Strength modifier + Dexterity modifier + additional bonuses lb.

Random Properties. The Tiamats Hide has the following random properties:

  • 1 minor beneficial property
  • 2 major beneficial properties
  • 1 minor detrimental property
  • 1 major detrimental property

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