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Ring, artifact (Requires attunement) A simple golden ring with a bright, large ruby centerpiece. Upon closer inspection one can notice a Damascus like pattern of differing precious metals, including sapphire and emerald. It is said to have been created long ago by the Queen of Twisted Hearts after a handsome prince denied her courtship.
; Tongue of the Lover. As long as you are attuned to Lover's Quarrel, you gain proficiency in the persuasion and deception skills.
Charmers Gaze. Upon attuning to Lover's Quarrel, you may increase Charisma and Constitution scores by 2. Ending your attunement the ring will reverse this effect.
Life of Love And War. Once per day, you may expend one charge from the ring to cast either Touched by Love or Gaze of War. Lover's Quarrel has 3d12 charges remaining by the time you obtain it.
Destroying Lover's Quarrel: The ring can only be destroyed by a level nine Wish spell, or by expanding all of its power. When it is destroyed, the ring turns to dust, leaving behind three ruby fragments (each with a value of 500 gp).

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