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Big Iron on his hip!

Weapon (Handgun), artifact

The golden gun, the first product brought to you by Tex Mechanica this handy dandy new tool in destruction of the dirtiest varmints in the galaxy!
Tex Mechanica. Best gunsmiths round the galaxy, this weapon gains a +4 to attack and +2 to damage rolls if it's the only weapon in your hand and your other hand is empty.

Fan-fire As an attack action you empty the entire magazine into an enemy, you can reload as a reaction with this weapon. Make as many attacks against one target equal to rounds left in your magazine.

Last Word This weapon counts as a +3 Revolver that deals 3d6 piercing damage with range 80/160, reload 8, burst fire 4.

High caliber rounds This weapon has the vicious property and armor piercing (-3)
Destroying the . it can only be destroyed by its gunsmith

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