The Sworde of the Wynde and Sea (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (longsword), artifact (requires attunement)

The Sworde of the Wynde and Sea is a blade of extreme power. Legend gives voice a rumour that tells of a famed drow blacksmith who lived many, many years ago in the Dynasty of Emperor Wulfe. The blacksmith realised he was reaching the end of his life and wished to preserve his legacy eternally; late one night as the sky grew darker and darker, the blacksmith clashed his hammer onto the anvil and drew closer and closer to birthing the ultimate sword. Finally, as the heavens opened and thunder crashed over the sky, a black tsunami of cloud spilling from the horizon like ink staining paper, the man triumphantly stepped outside and raised his masterpiece. Suddenly, lightning struck and the smith fell down dead. In the morning, the sword was gone.

The Sworde of the Wynde and Sea is twice as long as its wielder, head to toe. It grows/shrinks to fit whomever rightfully owns it (i.e., takes it from its previous owner) and its weight, despite its size, is always 10 lbs, no matter how large/small it is. In appearance, the blade's completely black and well-polished no matter how many lives it's claimed. The handle composes of an easily-graspable smooth leather grip, no cross-guard and a metallic pommel on the end, made out of the same metal as the sword.

The Sworde of the Wynde and Sea’s attack and damage rolls are increased by +2. It has 10 feet of reach and deals thunder damage. As an action, you can make an attack roll against a body of water. The water recedes a number of feat equal to twice your roll in all directions for 1 minute.

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