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Wondrous Item, artifact (Requires attunement)

The Omnitrix resembles a wrist watch. Its face plate is now square instead of round, and has a white and green color scheme. The faceplate is black with two green stripes forming an outline for the hourglass of the intergalactic peace symbol. When the faceplate is slid back, the Omnitrix’s core is revealed. The Omnitrix's level is determined by how many aliens you have that have reached level 3. (Warning, this item is very powerful and shouldnt be used in traditional campaigns)

using the omnitrix to change into an alien costs 1 bonus action. the amount of rounds the transformation lasts is determined by your class level + con mod rounds.

(or you could roll 2d6 instead, your call)

You can use this item (Con mod + your class level) times, and you cant use the same alien more than twice (2 of the same alien per day) Omnitrix Cooldown at levels:

0 - 5 mins

3 - 2 mins

7 - 1 min

10 - none

Master control: having unlocked master control, you no longer need to use your bonus action to change form also all limiters have been removed, so theres neither a cooldown nor a limit on your form changes. all you need to do is think of an alien you want to change into, and your omnitrix will make it so.

Omnitrix modes

these are the modes the omnitrix can take, depending on the situation/activation

Active: the omnitrix' lights glow a faint green, signaling its ready for use.

Recharge/Timeout: the omnitrix no longer glows, and its green coloration changes to a red. while in this state, the omnitrix cannot be used. the dial can still be turned, however.

Scan/Capture: the omnitrix' coloration changes to that of yellow, and a beam of yellow energy, shaped like a V, scans nearby DNA samples currently not stored in the omnitrix (use with caution, this can be game breaking depending on the monster scanned)

Self Destruct: the omnitrix' coloration changes to orange to signify the self destruct sequence has been activated. if the time is allowed to run out, the omnitrix will blow up. its not large enough to damage anything nearby, its a small contained destruction only meant for the device itself.

Recalibration: the omnitrix' dial changes to blue, meaning its recalibrating itself for its new user/upating itself to access new aliens.

=== Voice Commands === (Optional Fluff if you want it) Access master control

Decouple Omnitrix - Command code: 000 -Release Coupling- 0 (Removes omnitrix from user)

Omnitrix self destruct in (Time): Command code: 000 - Destruct - 0 (Activates self destruct mode)

Abort self destruct - Code 10 (deactivates self destruct)

Omnitrix Reset - Code 10 (Resets the omnirix to default, all aliens level 1, and omnitrix level 1)

Omnitrix Abour reset - code 10 (reverses the reset, requires calibration)

Command Function Override - Code 10 (Overrides Current function)

=== Final Notes === (Things you might wanna know) As the omnitrix is only a piece of technology, is it succeptable to energy attacks and EMPs. sometimes these can cause the omnitrix to malfunction, such as unwanted transformations.

other known types of omnitrix' include: Omnimatrix (the omnitrix' full name, and the first prototype model)

Ultimatrix (Allows for an evolutionary function)

Biomnitrix (Allows for the fusion of DNA, uses two omnitrix' on both wrists/forearms)

it is also possible to switch from alien form to alien form without needing to switch back, however this isnt reliable and is unhealthy for the omnitrix.

The omnitrix has a randomizer function, and it works in two different ways;

either it randomly switches transformations before timing out, or it changes into one alien for a neglectable ammount of time, say like 10 seconds or so. this function is by default turned off, for obvious reasons.

the omnitrix has a life-form lock function; with it you can stay transformed for an extended period of time. not recommended to be used often.


Now lets dive into the meat of how this works, the Transformations. lets set a few ground rules first, we don't want to make someone TOO strong, ...right? anyway, Rule One- and this one is make or break; While in a Transformation, you cannot use the traditional features associated with your Class. Magic, however, is allowed.

Rule Two- if you are knocked unconscious or die while Transformed, you will revert back to your base form.

and finally, Rule Three- all aliens have a leveling system. the more you use them the more they grow. this isnt exactly a rule, more like a mini-guideline. your aliens gain EXP when you use them. the amount of exp earned is equal to the uses, for example; Upgrade is currently level zero, but the first time you use him he becomes level one. in order to bring him to level two, you need to use him two more times after that. four uses after level two will bring the alien up to its max level, level three. in total you need to use an alien six times for them to reach level three. the reason its designed this way is mostly to be faithful to the source material, but also to balance out the transformations. One last note, transformations can change your stats. for example, Fourarms gives your strength stat a hearty +5, and some others change your movement speed. Keep this in mind when selecting your Aliens!

sorry for the ramble, now onto the transformations themselves!

Pyronite  (Heatblast)

+2 Intelligence, +2 Strength

(Flame Save - 8+Pro+Int)

(Flame ATK Mod - Pro+INT)


Flame Aura - Any enemy creature that starts their turn within 5ft (10 at level 2) must make an Intelligence saving throw, on a failed save, creatures take 2d6 fire damage, or half as much on a successful one. (4d6 at level 2, 6d6 at level 3)

Unarmed Flame Strikes - your unarmed strikes deal 1d4 (Level 1)

1d6 (Level 2)

1d8 (Level 3)

plus an additional

1d6(1) fire damage

1d8(2) fire damage

1d10(3) fire damage

Known attacks LvL 1


Heated Grip

LvL 2

Flame Blade

Flame Jump

LvL 3


Wall of Fire

Vulpimancer  (Wildmutt)

+2 Dexterity, -4 Charisma Gain proficency in the following skills




Gain Blindsight, 40 ft (60ft at level 2, 80 at lvl 3)

while in this transformation, you gain access to the following attacks:

Claw: 2d6 Slashing damage. range 5ft

Bite: 2d6 Piercing damage. range 5ft

(Level 2) Multi-attack, 1 claw and one bite. dmg increase by 1d6 each

(Level 3) Multi-attack, 2 claw and 1 bite, dmg increase by 2d6 (4d6 total)

move speed increase by 5 ft (10 at level 3)

gain a climb speed equal to move speed (Learned at level 2)

Petrosapien  (Diamondhead)

+2 AC, +2 Wisdom, +2 Strength

Move Speed -5

Darkvision 30ft

unarmed strikes - 1d6 force dmg + STR mod. increases by 1d6 per lvl, for a total of 3d6

Shard Blast - range (30/60)

make a ranged melee attack, deals 1d10 piercing damage

level 2 - shoots 6 shards, 3 per target, you can focus fire on one or split the damage between two. if you choose 2, make two ranged melee attacks, 1d10 each, or if you focus fire, 2d10.

level 3 - shoots 9 shards, split between 3 or focus fire on one. 3d10 if you focus fire

Diamond Defense - cast Shield spell on self, can cast as reaction.

Galvin  (Grey Matter)

Intelligence +5, Charisma -2, Strength -4,

Move -15ft


Features- Hyper intelligence: your most likely the smartest creature on planet, you gain proficency in the following skills; survival insight, history (Learned at level 2) nature, stealth (due to size) (Learned at level 3)

size is considered Tiny.

Tetramand  (Fourarms)

+5 Strength -4 Charisma

Spd changed to 20ft Size changed to Large

Advantage on grapple checks, and your carrying capacity is double what it was before

Unarmed strikes - 1d8 force. increases by 1d8 per lvl, for a total of 3d8.

Extra attack

Extra attack 2 (Level 2

Extra attack 3 (Lvl 3)

Shockwave (Learned at level 2): you slam all four of your arms into the earth in an attempt to make a shockwave. all creatures within 5ft (10, lvl 2) (15, lvl 3) of you must make a dex save throw. (8+pro+Str) on a failed save, creatures are knocked prone (and take 2d6 dmg, lvl 3) on a success they take half damage and are not knocked not prone

Pisccis Volann  (Ripjaws)

+4 Dexterity +4 Constitusion -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma

Darkvision 40ft.

size is medium

move changed speed 20ft swim speed 60ft

Claw attack: 1d6 (LVL 2 2D6) Bite attack: 1d8 (LVL 2 2D8)

Expertise in Checks involving swimming

Mechomorph  (Upgrade)

+2 Constitusion, +4 Intelligence

Medium Construct

Speed 30ft

unarmed strike - 1d6

weakness to electricity damage and thunder damage, damage is doubled after calculating.


Upgrade! - as a mechomorph, you can fuse your body with that of items and people to upgrade them at lvl 1, you can fuse with an allies weapon what is within 15ft of you, and that weapon deals an extra 1d6( 1d8, lvl 2) ( 1d10 lvl 3) dmg,

at level 2 you can fuse with an allies body, but only partialy. choose a body part (arm, or leg), that allied creature gains adv on an attack roll or saving throw using that body part only

at level 3, you can completely merge with an allies body, giving them additional AC equal to your aliens level + your class level divided by 2 (rounded down)

you can also merge with enemies for the opposite effect, the enemy makes an INT saving throw, and on a failed save you merge with them. at level 3 you can immobilize an enemy as if its under the effects of the hold person spell, for 1d4 rounds.

Ecturnite  (Ghostfreak)

-2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +4 Charisma

medium aberration

darkvision 60ft

move speed 30ft fly 30ft

unarmed strike - 2d6 Features:

Fear - range 15ft - the Ecturnite can alter its form to appear more terrifying, the opponent makes a wisdom saving throw, on a failed save, the target becomes frightened of you. (lvl 2, this effects all creatures within 15 ft)

Possession (LVL 3) the ecturnite can enter a target creatures body with or without permission. target makes a wisdom saving throw, on a failed save the target is possessed. while possessed, you cant use the targets magic (but features that don't use magic are allowed) and can do anything the creature can do within reason. this lasts for 1d4 rounds. on exit the target takes 2d6 necrotic damage.

Incorporeal (LVL 2 ) the ecturnite can shift its body into becoming incorporeal, allowing it to phase through walls and objects. in combat, you can use this feature as a reaction to add +4 ac (LVL 3) having mastered your new body, you can shift your form to become invisible. lasts for 5 minutes

Kineceleran  (XLR8)

-2 strength, +6 dexterity, -2 wisdom

medium humanoid

speed 100ft

darkvision 30ft

claw attack - 1d8/slasing

Sprint - the kineceleran can move ten times its move speed (1000ft) once per transformation (Lvl 2)

Speed Swing - after charging toward a target (move at least 30ft) you can make a melee attack, on hit, use 4 claw attacks, using your dex mod (Lvl 2)

Flurry of blows - using your entire turn, make a melee attack against a target. on hit, deal 5 claw attacks using your dexterity mod (Lvl 3)

Lepidopterran  (Stinkfly)

+2 dexterity, +2 constitution

Profincency in Perception

medium humanoid

darkvision 60ft

speed 30ft fly 30ft

claw attack - 1d8 Stinger - 2d6

its wings are light but fragile, if the Lepidopterran gets wet, it must wait 1 minute before flying again.

stink bomb(level 2) - make a ranged attack (30/80) against a target, that target takes 3d6 acid damage, and makes a con save, on failure, target is poisoned.

Jelly orbs - make a ranged melee attack (range 30ft) on hit deals 1d6 acid damage. target makes a con save, on failure, either poison or paralyzes the target (you choose)
Destroying the Omnitrix. The Omnitrix, as powerful as it is, isnt indestructible. It can be tampered with by EMP's or by Hackers. The Omnitrix can also self destruct when given the correct commands. which are detailed below

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