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Armor (plate), artifact

The legendary plate worn by more himself to slay the dragon of wently. It was forged in Sheffield town "with spikes all about, not within but without" at More's request afore he went to slay the dragon. The spikes covering this armour vary in length up to around six inches long. On the toe spikes on one of the boots, some dragon blood can still be seen.

Whilst wearing this armour any unarmed strike against you will result in the assailant taking 1d4 piercing damage for every 2 damage dealt with a minimum of 1d4. This damage increases by one dice size for each size the assailant is larger than you, to a maximum of d10.
When hit by the same assailant more than once the assailant must make a Dexterity saving throw with a DC of 10 + 1/4*your AC (rounded down) + the number of times they have hit you or take an additional dice of damage for each time they have hit you (the DM may decide how many turns the enemy is afflicted by this after their last hit).

Upon a successful unarmed strike to any dragon's posterior, make a Strength (Athletics) check with a DC of 40 - your Strength modifier - your Dexterity modifier. If you succeed in the check the dragon is killed outright and do just as the dragon of wently.

"Oh," quoth the dragon, with a deep sigh, And turn'd six times together, Sobbing and tearing, cursing and swearing Out of his throat of leather; "More of More-hall; O thou rascal! Would I had seen thee never; With the thing at thy foot, thou hast prick'd my a… gut, And I'm quite undone for-ever.

"Murder, murder," the dragon cry'd, "Alack, alack, for grief; Had you but mist that place, you could Have done me no mischief." Then his head he shaked, trembled and quaked, And down he laid and cry'd; First on one knee, then on back tumbled he, So groan'd, kickt, s…, and dy'd.

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