The First Hero’s Sword (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (Greatsword), artifact (Requires attunment by any good alignment)

This long iron great sword with diamond lining was used by one of the world's first heros in the great god war at the beginning when only the material plane existed.
Random Properties. The The first hero’s sword has the following random properties:

  • 3 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 if chaotic or neutral alignment, 2 if the lawful alignment major beneficial properties
  • 1(when on another plane of existence) minor detrimental properties
  • 0 major detrimental properties

This item has many properties. It also functions as a regular +3 greatsword that will land a critical hit on a roll 18-20 when used.

Holy blade The sword’s diamond edges will glow and for the next 3 of your turns, the sword will land a crit on 15 or higher. This action can be used again after a short rest.

Power blast The sword shoots out a beam of energy in a 100ft line at a target. The target must roll a DC 15 constitution saving throw or take 5d10 radiant damage on a failed or half on a success. You cannot use the action again for the next 1d12 turns.

Magic shield The sword emits a faint light blue sphere that covers 10ft cantered on you. For the next 5 turns, your AC increases by 3. The sphere then fades away and you lose the gained AC. This action can be used again after 1d10 turns.

Hero’s army You call upon dead warriors and heroes. You then summon 2d6+13 spirit warriors from the plane of Asgard, the function as a berserker (see the monster manual for stats). If you use this action of the plane of Asgard, you summon double. After using this action, you cannot use it for 1d5+2 long rests.

Destroying the The first hero’s sword. While this sword is human crafted, it can still be destroyed. This can only be done by leaving it in the River Styx. After 1d6-1 years of being left in the river, the sword will be destroyed forever.

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