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Weapon (Katana), Artifact (requires attunment)

This blade can be used by anyone. The blade when seen is made of pitch black Adamantium. This item is extremely rare can only be obtained by someone giving it, or by killing a goblin with a cloak or ring of invisibility. When this sword is obtained, you can not see it until you attune to it. Once you do, You will feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins. When you are attuned, will get blindsight. This item cannot be seen by anyone else besides the wielder.

The Unseen. When you are Attuned to this item, you get a +10 to stealth and advantage to stealth checks. You can also go into a shadow, and pop out of another where ever you want even if it is in another plane of existence.

You may cast a form of greater invisibility 3 times a day where someone with blindsight or truesight can not see you. This lasts 1 hour.

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