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Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement by a 15th level or higher wizard)

Incredibly little is known of how this item came into being, but the story surrounding it's creation is a legend known by few.

In an age long past, an elder evil with a name lost to time threatened the material universe. In a desperate attempt to stop it, a mysterious paladin assembled a group of powerful warriors, in hopes of reaching the key to prevent the invasion. The Sentinel was among them, however he bore no such title at this time.

After arduous task and grueling combats, they had finally completed the ritual, and struck back the elder evil, the paladin's fate unknown as he disappeared with it. As a reward for the protection of the world, the entire group ascended to divinity, as minor gods. But, as The Sentinel entered this new form, an epiphany rippled throughout his mind. He rejected godhood. The world, without him there, was in great danger of falling.

And so, he left to build a stronghold atop the highest mountain, away from all civilization, ready to endure. He created powerful magic items, in an attempt to prepare for potential apocalypse. When his body wore down, he created a new one of adamantine and magic. Yet, for some unknown reason, this apocalypse never seemed to come.

In these peace times, his work and traditions spread throughout the world, thanks to those who sought him out. However, his teachings are almost never attributed to the name of The Sentinel. Why is anyone's guess, but some believe this was an intentional choice, an attempt to be a more silent help to the outside world. However, one year, when his guidance was sought out, they found his fortress in ruins, split down the middle and falling apart. Charred as if it were trees in a wildfire, the stones hardly held together to support anyone standing inside. Strangely, the center of his keep was in perfect condition, and even stranger was the helmet that laid there.

No one has any clue what happened to The Sentinel. It is theorized that an apocalypse did come, but somehow, he prevented it. Whatever happened, he hasn't been seen since, and slowly, his memory has drifted from the public conscious to only obscure lore known only by the oldest races. It is unknown what happened to the helmet after it was first found, and even fewer know of it's existence compared to that of it's creator.

The silver-y helmet itself is lightweight, but still as impossibly durable as fortified adamantine. The front of the helmet is completely covered, however an attuned creature can see through as if it weren't there. The entire helmet is covered in tiny, intricate markings, multiple of which are filled with deep blue sapphires that seem to have been poured in like liquid. Starting from the sides of the face erupt small, swirling spikes, curving towards the back of the head. On these spikes, incredibly tiny ancient orcish writing is found, saying "At the end of times, my hatred will be my end".

The wearer gains access to many, incredibly powerful abilities, however this use is limited. Like the face of the helmet, they can see through all illusion. It is also capable of harnessing the arcane runoff created by casting magic, using it to bolster themselves. It's most well known capability, however, is the capability to create magical energy weapons out of thin air, in seemingly any form.

Charges. The Sentinel's Hatred has 12 charges, and regains 1d6 at dawn.

Conjure Energy Weapon. As an action, you can expend one charge to create an energy weapon. This one handed melee weapon deals 2d8 of a damage type of your choice, either Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning or Thunder. This weapon has a +2 to hit, and you can use your Intelligence modifier instead of Strength when making attacks with it. You can use this weapon as if it were a spellcasting focus, and after doing so, you can make an attack with the weapon as a bonus action. This weapon lasts for one hour, and disappears afterwards.

Arcane Bulwark. When you cast a wizard spell of 1st level or higher, you can expend two charges to gain temporary hitpoints equal to the spell's level X 10. When you gain temporary hitpoints in this way, they stack with your current temporary hitpoints.

Unerring Gaze. While wearing the helmet, you have truesight out to 60 feet.

Concentration Refocusing. At the start of your turn, if you are currently concentrating on a Abjuration or Evocation spell, you can spend 2 charges to gain one of the following bonuses for ten minutes, or until you lose concentration, whatever ends it earlier.

  • Abjuration: Your AC increases by 2.
  • Evocation: Once on your turn, when you deal damage to a target with a touch spell attack, melee spell attack, or an attack with your energy weapon, you can deal an additional 3d4 damage.

Destruction. The Sentinel's Hatred can only be destroyed when reunited with his body, and will then be destroyed by the disintegrate spell or similar spells cast at 10th level or higher.

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