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Wondrous Item, artifact

An oddly shaped green mossy stone that fits in your palm perfectly. The stone seems to change temperature, weight, and form to match the environment it is placed in. Legend has it that the stone was created by the Ancient Monks of Wonderian as a symbol of the formless of sole. The stone is constantly changing, along with the world. To this day, the stone resides in Ancient Monk's temple of change, where it is guarded as a sacred parcel.

Formless Nature: As long as you are holding the Stone of Sizing, you have the advantage on Dexterity saving throws. If you do not have a Dexterity saving throw you temporary receive one.

Remold: Once per day, you may call upon the power of the stone to magically change your size by two sizes, smaller or larger. The effect ends if you let go of the stone, or after one hour. Size changes have a maximum height of Huge and a minimum height of tiny. Doing so also stretches or shrinks any items or clothing on your person. The stone recharges every day at dawn.

Destroying the Stone: Only a level nine Wish spell and destroy the Stone of Sizing, turning it into a puddle of grey ooze. If one otherwise attempts such feat the stone just adapts, changing its form to match any effect.

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