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Weapon (+2 Longsword), artifact (Requires attunement)

Random Properties. The Engrave Sword has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property

Great Long Sword Because of it's unique shape, instead of having the versatile property, the Engrave Sword has the two-handed property, and has a 1d10 for its damage die instead of a d8.

Signs The Engrave sword has 3 signs that are part of it, and give it some of it's powers. These signs are the Sign of Water, Sign of Fire, and Sign of Thunder It does not start with these signs in it, as they must be remade every century (The DM can decide if it starts with any in it). To remake them a wizard of good alignment must use a 5th level spell slot or higher while in their respective plane (For thunder in the air plane), and spend 1 hour concentrating. After this hour the sign will appear in front of the wizard. Each sign has 3 charges, and when a sign is in the sword the wielder of the Engrave Sword may use a charge to cast a spell respective to each sign. For the fire sign, Fireball at 3rd level, for the water sign Wall of Water at 3rd level, and for the thunder sign Lightning Bolt at 3rd level

Stones In addition to it's Signs, the Engrave Sword has 3 Stones in it as well. They are the stone of ice, stone of dark, and stone of light. It may or may not start with some in it (The DM will decide), and any not in it will be scattered across the planes of existence and must be found and returned to the Engrave Sword to gain their bonuses. The ice stone has 5 charges. On a successful attack with the Engrave Sword you may expend a charge to deal an extra 2d6 cold damage. If the light stone is in the Engrave Sword the wielder has Truesight of 20 ft. If the dark stone is in the Engrave Sword the wielder has darkvision of 60 ft, 120 if the wielder has racial darkvision already.

Gem of Energy After putting all of the signs and stones into the Engrave Sword, the gem of energy will appear in the hole in the center of the guard of the Engrave Sword. While the gem is in the sword it has 3 charges, and you may use one of those charges to cause one of the following effects; A flash of energy erupts from the swords tip in a cone 30 ft wide and 40 ft long. Any hostile creature caught in this Cone must make a dexterity saving throw with a DC of 20, and on a fail take 10d4 Force damage, and on a success take half as much damage. A burst of life erupts from the Engrave Sword, Healing all friendly, non construct, non undead creatures within a 20ft radius by 10d4. A flash of energy erupts around the Engrave Sword, protecting all non hostile creatures within a 30 ft sphere as if they where under the effects of a Antimagic Sphere, that does not affect the Engrave Sword and its abilities.
Destroying the Engrave Sword. The Engrave Sword can only be made powerless, but not destroyed. As for how to make it powerless, it's stones must be removed and scattered across the planes of existence, and the signs must be unmade. The signs will unmake themselves every century, but to unmake them sooner, they must be taken from the Engrave Sword and thrown into their opposite elements plane (For thunder throw it into the earth plane). After this the gem of energy will disintegrate and the Engrave Sword becomes a normal +2 longsword. It still keeps its Great Long Sword property, as that comes from the swords shape itself, not from it's powers.

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