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Ring, artifact (Requires Attunement by a Fighter, Ranger, or Barbarian)

This stone-carved ring, cold to the touch and smelling of brimstone, holds a small iron disc pressed into one side, which bears the image of a side-facing knight's helmet engraved upon its surface. This ring was a gift to a one-armed wandering knight, who was known for his exceptional skill with a greatsword. The king of giants, impressed by tales of the knight's valor, constructed this ring to give him the might of a giant so that he may once again wield his greatsword despite his injury.

Giant's Valor The wearer is given the ability to use weapons he wouldn't normally be able to use one handed. While attuned to this ring, the wearer is able to ignore the two-handed and heavy properties of a weapon, effectively allowing them to use it with only one hand. If the weapon has the versatile property, then it is always treated as though the wielder is using it with both hands, regardless of whether or not they actually are wielding it with both hands.

Giant's Might The wearer's strength score increases by 4 while wearer is attuned to it, to a maximum of 30. The wearer has advantage on strength checks and saving throws as well.

  • 1 minor beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property

Destroying the Giant Knight's Ring. A king of giants may reduce this to a mundane stone ring by removing the iron plate, which can be done with a single touch. Any attempt to remove the disc by any other means, excluding the Wish spell or the direct action of a god or similarly powerful entity, fails.

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