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Armor (Heavy armor), artifact (Requires attunement)

Once, there lived a man. Fighters could study his battles, barbarians would pray to him for strength, martial artists could only awe in presence of his agility. Beast of battle, unstoppable engine of destruction, pinnacle of a warrior. Berserk, the First Undefeated. None, one or many, could hope to topple his might. But where others fail, one come always on top. Time. In his last days, a brother came to this man. Lonely man, cursed to live till the end of the time. This was not a compassionate man, he dragged Berserk into his own madness of eternal life, forging him into a set of armor. Iron from his blood, strings from his hair, unstoppable burning rage from his soul. An item that would make a mere peasant equivalent to an army; indestructible and irreformable; knowing nothing else than war; sentient, and mad from passing time: Berserker's Armor.

Sentience. Berserker's Armor is a chaotic neutral being, with Intelligence of 22, a Wisdom of 23, and a Charisma of 21. Poor soul made armor is unable to see or hear around itself, and can only communicate and hear his wearer in common, dwarvish, elvish, draconic and giant. Armor carves battle, but not a mindless bloodshed either; intelligent combat, taking advantage of own strengths and enemies' weaknesses is appealing the spirit, while he outright hates weakness of any kind, and despises with highest authority weak people. Any knowledge of his long lost brother is priceless for the armor, and he will do anything to reunite with him.

Dormant. The armor grants the following benefits in its dormant state:

  • Your AC is set to 21, and cannot be decreased or increased in any way.
  • You gain 1 minor beneficial property.

Awakened. When the armor reaches an awakened state, it starts moving, shielding you better and binding together your body in time of need. It gains the following properties:

  • When you are reduced to half your hit points maximum, damage that you take from every source is reduced by 3.
  • You are unable to feel any kind of pain, including pain from lost of loved ones or existential pain.
  • You gain 1 major beneficial property.

Exalted. When the armor reaches an exalted state, it gains the following properties:

  • As a bonus action, you can enter a state of brutish rage, embracing your inner beast. Armor covers you entirely, expanding greatly, transforming into an image of your inner beast. You become Huge(if there is not enough space you are stuck, unable to move), range of your melee attacks increase by 5ft, you gain 150 temporary hit points, and you deal maximum possible damage from all melee weapon attacks. This transformation lasts for one minute, and you cannot use it again until next dawn.

Merged. When the armor reaches a merged state, it losel all previous properties, and gains those instead:

  • Your AC is set to 22, and cannot be decreased in any way.
  • You are unable to feel any kind of physical pain.
  • You gain 1 minor beneficial property.
  • You gain 1 major beneficial property.
  • You are permanently under an effect of a haste spell, which cannot be dispelled.
    Destroying the Berserk's Armor. Even if broken apart into pieces, soul of warrior isn't dead; time and greed of people will see it forged anew, even after millenia of wait. Only way to destroy the Berserker's Armor is to strike it with a soul-rending weapon or spell, which will awaken old warrior, to stand and battle as Berserk, the First Undefeated. When slain in that form, his soul is destroyed forever, as well as an artifact.

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