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Weapon (Shapeshifter), artifact (A being of any alignment may attune the Omni Haft. Requires 16+ strength.)

Description. The Omni Haft takes many forms but generally it is a simple rod of worked metal with a grip hammered into one end, with or without a hilt. It is about 1 ft long and thicker than one would expect. The metal appears to be an alloy, mostly dark iron, streaked with different silver-like metals and flecked with gold. When struck against a hard object, the rod vibrates giving off a deep, pleasant humming sound much like a tuning fork.

History. Long ago on an ancient frozen landmass known as Shatter Stone, two groups of Quasi-Deities clashed in a struggle over the preservation or the ruin of the world, Desteiriah. "The Profane" were six Quasi-Deities pursuing power, chaos and destruction while a group of six Ascended Mortals, known only as "the Legendary Heroes", banded together to opposed the Profane. The Profane were eventually banished by the Legendary Heroes, but at a cost; all six of the heroes sacrificed their lives to defeat the Profane. The remaining mortal forces warred with the Profane's remnant demon hoards for a year and a day until at last the final creatures of evil were slain. Rumor has it that certain relics were recovered from the corpses of the Legendary Heroes, and later shrines were erected all over Shatter Stone, in which these relics were hidden away. The temples have since eroded away and the relics have been lost to the eons. Ancient texts and stories describing the heroes and their relics, however, do remain.

The Many

Amongst the Legendary Heroes was a being known as Senairium, the Many. He was a single entity divided between six individually animated bodies. Each animated body carried a different weapon; a flail, a polearm, a giant greataxe, dual hand hammers, a repeating heavy crossbow, and a gnarled staff. After the final battle with the Profane, fragments of the six weapons were melded together to form a metal rod that resembled the haft of an unfinished weapon. Historical references document the ownership of the rod until approximately 1000 years after the Profane were defeated. The last known person to possess the rod was Lord Nicovanti De Fairah, from whom the rod was apparently stolen. Occasionally, the odd rumor seems to hint at the Omni Haft's existence, but no one has been able to track it down.

Bonus Stats. Passive. +2 to hit and the wielder is proficient with all forms of the Omni Haft.

The Choosing. Passive. When the wielder draws the Omni Haft and wills it to activate, roll 1d6. Based of the result of the roll, the Omni Haft will take the form of one of the six weapons: 1-Flail, 2-Polearm, 3-Greataxe, 4-Dual Hammers, 5-Repeating Heavy Crossbow, 6-Gnarled Staff. See below for individual weapons stats and effects. Once the Omni Haft has taken form, it cannot change for the rest of the encounter with the exception of the Impress Will ability. When not in combat, the wielder may concentrate for 10 minutes on which weapon he/she wishes the Omni Haft to become. If concentration is broken, the Omni Haft reverts to it's dormant state.

Flail (1) – 75% chance to halve the target's AC for a single attack. When making an attack roll, roll 1d4 as well; if the result of the 1d4 is anything except "1", the target's AC is temporarily reduced by half (rounding up) for this attack only. Regardless of whether the targets AC is halved, and if the attack roll exceeds the target's AC, the difference between the target's AC and the final attack roll result is added to the damage dealt. The Flail deals 2d8+STR bludgeoning damage on hit.

Polearm (2) – 75% chance to heal the wielder for the amount of damage dealt by the weapon. When making an attack roll, roll 1d4 as well; if the result of the 1d4 is anything except "1" and the attack deals damage, the weilder is healed for an amount equal to the damage dealt by the weapon. The Polearm deals 2d10+STR piercing on hit (reach, two handed, heavy).

Greataxe (3) – As the wielder's health gets lower, damage dealt gets a multiplier equal Max HP/Current HP rounded to the nearest whole number, with a cap of 5 (multipliers can only be 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5). The Greataxe deals (2d12+STR) x multiplier, slashing damage on hit (heavy, two handed).

Dual Hammers (4) – 50% chance to cause 1d4 exhaustion on hit with the twin hammers (applies only once per attack, not per hammer). On a successful hit, roll 1d4; if the result is a "4" or "3", the target takes 1d4 points of exhaustion. Together, the hammers deal 2d6+STR bludgeoning (light, two handed) and are not affected by normal two-weapon fighting restrictions. Both hammers are used on all attacks, even attacks made with bonus actions.

Repeating Heavy Crossbow (5) – 75% chance on hit to make the target flatfooted until the end of your next turn and reduce the target's movement speed by half. Once per wielder's turn, on a successful hit, roll 1d4; if the result is anything except "1", the target becomes flatfooted until the end of your next turn. The crossbow can be fired six times before reloading and the wielder may fire two bolts with one attack. The crossbow requires a bonus action to reload. The crossbow has two jagged blades protruding from its front that allow the crossbow to be used for melee attacks as well. Melee attacks with the crossbow deal 3d4 slashing damage (finesse). Ranged attacks deal 1d10+DEX piercing (100/400) (heavy, two handed).

Gnarled Staff (6) – Inflicts two random conditions on a successful hit (roll 2d8 twice to determine which conditions are applied, see below). Re-roll if the target is already afflicted with the condition(s). If the target is afflicted by all 14 conditions, the target is critically hit instead. The Staff deals 3d6+STR bludgeoning on hit (reach). 2-Blinded, 3-Charmed, 4-Deafened, 5-Frightened, 6-Grappled, 7-Incapacitated, 8-Invisible, 9-Paralyzed, 10-Petrified, 11-Poisoned, 12-Prone, 13-Restrained, 14-Stunned, 15-Unconscious, 16-Wielder's choice.

Impress Will. Bonus Action. Once per day the wielder may impress their will on the Omni Haft and choose which of the six weapons it becomes. The Omni Haft will remain in the chosen form until it is sheathed. Impress Will can be used at any time during combat, but only as a bonus action (or as a standard action if desired). If used outside of combat, the Omni Haft remains in the chosen form for 10 minutes.

Hive Mind. Passive. The wielder is able to tap into the perception of all willing allies within 20 ft; the wielder knows what his/her allies know and each round, the first attack of opportunity against the wielder has disadvantage.

Omni Cleave. Standard Action. One normal attack roll to hit. Once per day the wielder may unleash the full might of the Omni Haft, dealing one attack from each weapon form and applying all effects as appropriate against a single target. (WARNING: this is a non-trivial attack and requires a large number of rolls; its complicated!)
Destroying the The Omni Haft. The Omni Haft is rendered powerless if it sustains 50 points of psychic or radiant damage and it is destroyed if it sustains 100 points of radiant damage. The Omni Haft's power may be restored by allowing it to bask uninterrupted for 4 hours under a moonless night sky. If the Omni Haft is destroyed it may be mended by melting down the remnants and adding precious metals (silver, gold, platinum, titanium, etc.) to make up the difference; once the metals are fully melted and mixed, they must be shaped into a rod and quenched with the blood of six living creatures while it remains incandescent from the forge.

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