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Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

According to hearsay, this ancient and magical mask was used in arcane rituals of hexing and torture. Whether the mask was worn by the torturer or the tortured is ambiguous. The mask itself was capable of growing in power through both the physical and emotional pain of living creatures, and it is believed Majora itself was the sentient creation of this pain. When Majora itself grew too powerful, the ancient sorcerers who created the mask—or perhaps their descendants—sealed the fiend inside the mask they had created and forbade its use.

Although Majora and its mask have reportedly been destroyed or sealed away several times throughout history, just as many times it has appeared again under mysterious circumstances. After all, here it is, yet again. There's no doubt the mask holds immense magical power, but at what cost?

Instant Attunement. If you don this magic mask, you are attuned to it instantly. If you are already attuned to three magic items, your attunement breaks with one selected at random.

Influenced Personality. The longer you wear this mask, the more you are drawn towards chaotic evil actions. Initially, you may be more interested in pranks, but after a week you may believe racial genocide would be fun. (How much this actually affects your role-playing is ultimately up to yourself and your DM.)

Enhanced Guile. You add your proficiency bonus to Intelligence (Arcana) checks, Charisma (Deception) checks, Charisma (Persuasion) checks, and Wisdom saving throws. This feature doesn't allow you to add your proficiency bonus twice to any roll.

Spellcasting. While wearing this mask, you gain innate spellcasting. Initially, you can only cast the first row of spells, but each day at dusk you can access the following row of spells. These spells have DC 19, and +11 to hit with spell attacks. If you have the Spellcasting feature, you can instead use your spell slots (or magic points) to cast the spells available to you, but must use your casting ability instead. You cannot target Majora's Mask itself with any of these spells.

1st day (at will): death bolt, fire bolt, friends, levitate (self only but without requiring concentration), thunderwave
2nd day (3/day each): beguile person, bestow curse, darkvision, fireball
3rd day (2/day each): control person, compulsion, invisibility, polymorph, Wizzro's blast
4th day (1/day each): control monster, haste, wave of obliteration, whirlwind
5th day (1/day each): bestow curse (cast as a 9th-level spell), true polymorph, true seeing

Cursed. This mask is cursed, and it gradually gains greater control over its wearer—or its "host." Not even a wish spell can break this curse.

While you wear this mask, no force other than you or the mask itself can remove it from you. Forceful attempts to remove the mask would sooner peel the flesh from your face.

If you ever attempt to remove this mask or break attunement to it, you must make a Charisma saving throw. On a failed save, you are compelled to keep it on your face at least until the next dawn. The DC is initially 13, but increases by 1 for every failed save, and also increases every day at dusk. If the DC ever becomes so great that you cannot overcome it (e.g., if you have a +7 bonus to Charisma saving throws, but the DC has increased to 28), the creature within the mask gains complete control over your mind and body.

While Majora's Mask is controlling you, it can at any time use your action to reduce your hit points to 0, knock you unconscious, remove itself from your body, and transform into Majora. Only a true polymorph spell can permanently revert Majora back into Majora's Mask.

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