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Armor (plate), artifact (Requires attunement by a creature good in alignment.)

Crafted from beautiful grey steel gilded with polished gold inlay, this armor gives a natural sense of comfort, safety and home to those who see it. This legendary armor brands the wearer as the blessed "Summersong Knight", a figure of legend known to breath warmth and comfort that can stave off the biting cold of winter.

Sun Shield: This is magical +2 platemail armor, providing the wearer with 20 Armor Class. While wearing this armor, the wearer is resistant to cold and necrotic damage, and immune to radiant damage.

Kissed by the Dawn: This magical plate armor creates a blessed aura of safety and well-being. The (attuned) wearer regains 2d10 hit points every hour that they continue to wear the armor. In addition, every friendly creature that remains within 20 feet of you regains 2d10 hit points for every hour spent in this aura. Additionally, while attuned to this armor, your hit point maximum cannot be reduced in any way.

Curse: While attuned to this armor and wearing it, every friendly creature within 20 feet of you is resistant to all forms of damage. When a friendly creature (other than yourself) within this aura takes damage from any source, you take damage equal to what they took. This damage can not be reduced in any way. This damage can not reduce you below half of your hit point maximum, at which point, this feature is suspended until your hit points return to a point above half of your hit point maximum.

Curse: You may not unattune from this armor unless your alignment shifts from good to neutral or evil. In the case that you willingly perform an act of true evil while attuned to this armor, you take 30d6 radiant damage as the armor is ripped away from you. A few examples of acts of true evil are burning a populated village to the ground, murdering a priest, or knowingly and willingly imprisoning or enslaving an innocent person. If the damage from this curse reduces you to 0 hit points, your body is destroyed, killing you and sending your spirit to Mount Celestia, where you will be judged and forced to make amends for your wicked deeds.

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