Longbow of Wood-Elf Lords (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (Longbow), artifact (Requires attunement by a Wood Elf)

An ornate longbow by the first great men and women of the Wood Elf race.
Random Properties. The Longbow of Wood-Elf Lords has the following random properties:

  • 1 minor beneficial property minor beneficial properties
  • 2 major beneficial property major beneficial properties
  • 1 minor detrimental property minor detrimental properties

Sentience. The Longbow has a feminine voice, speaks elvish and common, it can communicate telepathically with it's owner. It has an Intelligence of 18 (+4), Wisdom of 20 (+5), and a Charisma of 18 (+4)
Personality. The bow is excitable and energetic. It goes quiet when it senses potential prey

Traits The bow is a +3 longbow. The bow deals an extra 2D6 (Piercing). The bow has 3 charges, you can fire an arrow that deals an additional 2D6 Acid, Cold, Fire, or Lightning damage for 1 charge. The bow regains 1D4 - 1 charges each dawn.
Destroying the Longbow of Wood-Elf Lords. This weapon can only be destroyed by it's owner if they are a wood elf

Longbow of Wood-Elf Lords

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