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Weapon (longbow), artifact (requires attunement by a creature with Dexterity of 15 or higher)

Made by one of, if not the most advanced civilizations that ever existed, the Omnissiah's gift is an equipment that compresses advanced technology into a single piece of working equipment. The creator is called the Omnissiah, an AI that has become sentient. The Omnissiah is now so powerful that it controls an entire country and all machines that follow it are absolutely loyal. While creating the Gift, the Omnissiah has copied a part of itself into the weapon so that it can operate the inner workings of the weapon.

In its dormant form, the Gift is a shiny metal glove with interlocking metal plates overlaid over each other. When a creature that has proficiency with longbows puts its hand in the glove it immediately attaches and the creature takes 20 piercing damage as the metal hand screws itself into the hand. Forcefully trying to remove the glove, the creature needs to cut off its hand. Over the course of the next day the glove extends to cover the entire arm and also attaches further, so it is no longer able to be removed. In a week the wires extend into the brain and communication will be possible between the Omnissiah and the creature.

Sentience. Omnissiah's gift has a AI installed with alignment Lawful neutral and has mental scores of 25 Intelligence, 16 Wisdom and 12 Charisma. The sentient AI can speak to the user via wires that connect to its brain and has hearing and darkvision out to 120 feet. The goal of the AI is to create a soldier that serves the great civilization. This means carrying out any and all orders of the main Omnissiah. When no command is issued, its goal is to defend the servants and interests of the Omnissiah.

Mode Change. As an action, you can change the mode of the Gift between the combat and dormant state.

  • Dormant In its dormant state, the Gift is just a glove that will have expanded into an arm. The arm and hand function normal and it has no extra abilities
  • Combat When changed from its dormant mode to its combat mode, there extend two bowarms on both the top and the bottom part of the glove, forming an elongated 'X'. Your senses are heightened and you get ready for combat as the AI pumps synthetic adrenalin directly into your brain. Your get a bonus to initiative equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Omnissiah's Lazer Shot. When the Gift is in its Combat mode, any arrows fired from this weapon will be imbued with black lightning. These projectiles deal an additional 3d8 force damage.

Overclock. As a bonus action you can make the AI overlock the Gift. Doing so will give you unparalleled speed for a turn, after which it will have to cool down. While overlocked in this way, any attacks you make will trigger an extra dart to fire that deals an additional 2d8 piercing damage. In addition, whenever wielder scores a critical hit, the dart will attach to the target and a small explosive is readied. The target can use an action to remove the darts, only taking an additional 2d8 piercing damage as the darts are pulled out. When the darts remain until the end of the targets turn, the explosives ignite and deal half of the damage from the original attack. At the end of your turn the weapon will be too hot to function. You take 2d10 necrotic damage and are stunned until the end of your next turn after which the weapon will be at its normal operating temperature.

Curse. You may not unattune from this weapon unless it is destroyed. Which can only be done by means of a Wish spell or a divine intervention.


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