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Ring, artifact (Requires attunement) An elaborate golden ring carved to resemble three intertwining vines each of a different color of gold, rose, black, and regular.
Fortified by Nature
  • You gain resistance to poison damage and are immune to the poisoned status affect.
Tongue of the Glave
Wisdom of the Wilds
  • Your Wisdom score and score maximum increase by 2.
Hand of the Harvest Bringer
  • Any food or water that you touch is magically altered, fruits and vegetables become the ripest they can be, meats loose all decay they may have gone through, water is purified, and any form of poison is removed.
Steps of Spring
  • Wherever you walk small buds bloom crops flourish, dead or corrupted plants are healed.
Corrupting Glance
  • Any plants you will rot and decay, this ability can only be reversed be a wish spell, magic of equal power, or the ability Steps of Spring.
life of the vine
  • You gain the ability to cast every spell on the druid spell lists, this includes the extended spells from each of the druid circles(allowed by your DM), and count as having every spell prepared, if you are not a caster you gain spell slots equal to your overall level based on the druid chart.

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