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S&W Model 500 Revolver

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
S&W Model 500 Revolver Rare 3d8 piercing 5 lb. Reload (5 Rounds), Range (60/180), Heavy

Chambered in a .500 caliber pistol round with a case as long as an entire .44 magnum, a single shot from this revolver carries as much force as a 16 pound bowling ball traveling at a speed of over 70 mph., all focused on a point no wider than a US penny. More outright destructive than even .454 Casull, this weapon's frame, christened the "X-Frame" by its creators, was co-developed out of necessity by S&W and Cor-Bon just to be able to withstand firing such a round.

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An S&W 500, Source [1].
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