Umber Spear (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (spear), artifact (requires attunement)

Prerequisites. A character cannot wield the Umber Spear if either their Strength or Wisdom score is below 16. They also can only wield it if they are Lawful, Neutral, or both.

Divine Contact. The Umber Spear’s user can attempt to use the Divine Intervention feature once every 8 days, whether answered or not. The answering will be from a god of earth or a powerful earth elemental. However, after three instances of answering, the spear is revoked from the user and is transported to a location determined by the DM. It must be at least a mile away from the player's position.

Traits. The Umber Spear is a +4 magical weapon which deals an additional die of bludgeoning damage for every two levels or CR the target creature is above yours. You can cast earthquake once a day without using spell slots. You can cast this even if you cannot cast spells due to class restrictions.

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