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Weapon (Spell Book), artifact (Requires Attunement)

A book that has been stolen from a Great Explosion wizard named Merasmus, This book allows you to cast spells that involve explosions, No matter what class you are you can use this book. But this book is cursed, The wizard will always know where you are and will prepare to fight you for his book back.

When trying to cast a spell using this book, Roll a d8, The spells that will happen are stated here, You have a total of 5 charges that you can use, one charge regenerates every 24 hours. On a full moon, this book will fill 3 charges. To use the book, roll a wisdom check (DC 10). If you fail this check you cannot use the book for 24 hours and receive no charge regeneration, including a loss of a charge as a failure.

Spell list effect

  • 1. You blow up a random person and deal 1d12 of fire damage in a 30ft radius, and knock someone 1d8 ft away, this can be your teammate
  • 2. You summon an explosive projectile at the enemy you're firing at and deal 3d4+1 damage, knocking them back 1d4+1 ft away
  • 3. You blow yourself up for 2d6 damage, launching yourself into the air, you are prone to fall damage
  • 4. You surround an 20x20ft area with proximity explosives, if anything steps in its square, they get launched up into the air for 2d10 ft, and take 3d6 of fire damage
  • 5. The book looks at you and blows up, stunning everyone in a 30ft radius including you, and deals 6d4 of fire damage
  • 6. You levitate 30ft into the air and shoot multiple explosives dealing 6d6 fire damage to all other creatures.
  • 7. You explode yourself and deal 2d20+4 fire damage to yourself and anyone in a 30 ft radius
  • 8. The book flies into the air and blows up random areas in a 120ft radius, The explosions effect a 20ft radius and deal 20d4 of damage
    Random Properties. The The Boom Book has the following random properties:
  • 3 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 3 minor detrimental properties
  • 1 major detrimental property

Destroying the The Boom Book. It has to be sent back to the Abyss and blown up by Merasmus

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