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Scales.png This page is of questionable balance. Reason: An artifact, by definition, is a sole example of itself in whole multiverse, and having an artifact that can be just copied and redistributed to everyone in party(or the whole world) is just, bad. "spell cast for good does not expend a spell slot", so what, casting power world heal every turn, because healing is good? Meteor storm every turn, bc the target is an evil lich? Wish? Examples are innumerable really. It's hard to say the artifact is overpowererd, but this definitively is.Also, artifacts must have a clearly stated way what to do to destroy them

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wondrous item, artifact

The Book is really a tome of several books written by those inspired by the Most High. Some call it the Good Book. Most coin the term "Authorized Version" to distinguish it from the Ghostly Guild's fake versions. The Book can be copied and still retain its power.

  • 4 minor beneficial properties
  • 2 major beneficial properties

Inspired by the Holy Spirit. After reading the Book and digesting its contents, a creature's ability scores are each increased by 3, to a maximum of 24, and it becomes proficient in all saving throws and gains advantage on all attack rolls against evil celestials and fiends. Additionally, any spell cast for good intent by the creature doesn't expend a spell slot. The Book also grants the benefits of protection from evil and good permanently.
Destroying the The Book. A copy of the Book can be destroyed by ordinary means, but the Most High will always ensure that at least some remain to read.

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