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A digital drawing of the Mechronomicon, by Kanon

Wondrous Item, artifact (requires attunment)

An ancient dwarven artifact that contains infinite mechanical knowledge of the future world.
Random Properties. The Mechronomicon has the following random properties:

  • The reader’s intellect expands, giving them a permanent +2 maximum intelligence score. minor beneficial properties
  • The book’s knowledge will spark a scientific revolution, ending famine, disease, war, and death in general. major beneficial properties
  • The reader will corrupt with such mechanical knowledge, changing their alignment to chaotic evil when read, and having them mass produce as many automatons and inventions as possible to grow their power as much as possible. minor detrimental properties
  • The book is misleading, and will inevitably end all life with power no mortal should have been granted granted to most all mortals. major detrimental properties

Maddening Knowledge Most of those that read this won’t understand the incredible knowledge it contains, and for many, it may drive them insane. If anybody that reads it isn’t a level 20 artificer, they must make a DC 20 Intelligence saving throw or go mad, being afflicted with short term madness for a quick glance, long term madness with some studying, and indefinite madness for the complete reading of the book.

Ingenious Inventions If the reader isn’t driven mad when it reads the book, they will understand an amount of anachronistic inventions equal to their Intelligence modifier+1 (minimum 1) of the reader’s choice and DM’s discretion.

Destroying the Mechronomicon. Only when the book’s contents become widespread will it become nothing than a nonmagical collection of blueprints.

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