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Weapon (Greatsword), Artifact (requires attunement)

Wielded by kings, conquerors and now you. This blade was created by Death to help take down Gods, unwilling to accept their demises. Yet when Death was bound by the other Gods, this blade was lost to the Earth where it fell into the possession of the Earth spirits who kept the blade for many millennia before eventually releasing it into the hands of humanity where it has been used for hundreds of years to end wars and help others change their fates.

A 6ft long black iron serrated blade, black fire and purple lightning run up and down the weapon, giving the Void Blade the appearance of being made of actual fire and lightning instead of steel.

This blade deals 2D10 slashing damage + 1D8 Necrotic damage + 1D8 lightning damage.

Eternal Suffering. Wounds from this blade cannot be healed, whenever damage is dealt with this weapon, the damage cannot be healed by any means other than the wielder of the blade allowing it to be healed or a God intervening and fixing the damage personally.

Black Fire. This blade is able to harm any race and the damage cannot be reduced by any means.

Purple Lightning. Any being that would heal from lightning damage instead takes damage instead.

Elemental Storm. Once a day this blade may be swung in a wide arc, releasing a 30 feet cone of energy that deals 3D8 Necrotic + 3D8 Lightning damage.

Destroying the Void Blade. A 9th level wish spell or divine intervention will shatter the blade, rendering it useless. 10 shards can be acquired from the remains, each can be sold for upwards of 1000gp.

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