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Weapon (Greatsword), Artifact (requires attunement)

The Void Blade is a 6 foot long, obsidian serrated blade, that is consumed in black flames and sparks of purple lightning. The blades true origins and whereabouts are unknown, but it is said to have been forged by Death himself, after a corrupt King requested it. Few people survive an encounter with such blade, but those who are left behind, are left with terrible scars. The Void Blade has been embedded with many unique magical properties, as listed below.

Eternal Suffering: Wounds from this blade never truly heal and leave behind a deep black scar where the target was struck. The scar causes constant throbbing pain and a disadvantage on all attack rolls. The scar fades if the blade is destroyed. Alternatively, divine intervention or a wish spell can be used to cure the scar.

Elemental Powers: When you make an attack with the Void Blade it does normal slashing damage along with 2d8 points of lightning damage. The target takes full damage regardless of any immunities or resistances.

Elemental Storm: Once per day, you may take an action to swing the Void Blade in a wide arc, generating a 15 foot cone of elemental energy around you for 10 seconds. Anyone within range (excluding yourself) rolls a DC 15 dexterity saving throw, otherwise taking 6d8 points of necrotic damage. Targets take full damage regardless of any immunities or resistances. Per hit you may recover 1d8 hit points, without exceeding your max health. This ability recharges after you take a long rest.

Destroying the Void Blade: Only a divine intervention or 9th level Wish spell can shatter the blade, rendering it useless. Eight obsidian shards can be recovered from its remains, each with a value of 1000 gp.

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