Ring of the Arch-Magi (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, artifact (requires attunement by a spellcaster and must be used an a focus)

Guiding Force: When casting a spell requiring an attack roll, the glove assists your hand, adjusting your aim slightly, giving you a +2 bonus to your spell attack rolls and spell save DC. Additionally, your spell attack rolls crit on 18-20.

Blood Shards: Whenever you land a killing blow on an CR 1 or above creature, the glove absorbs some of the life essence of that creature and creates a tiny blood red crystal shard that orbits your wrist, up to a maximum of four. As a bonus action you can consume up to two shards to regain 2d4 hit points per shard. In addition, if you are reduced to 0 HP, the glove automatically destroys all the shards you currently have and heals you for the maximum amount you could roll.

Focus: 4 tiny black spherical gems appear on the back of the glove. As a bonus action, you can consume a gem to gain advantage on your next spell attack roll. 1d2+2 gems reappear at dawn.

Mystra’s Will: Mystra’s favor has found you. Three white diamonds appear on the ring, magically glowing. As a reaction, you may consume one of the diamonds to cast the shield spell. The diamonds reappear at dawn.

Staff of the Magi The ring has 50 charges. It regains 4d6+2 charges each dawn. The wearer may use their reaction when a another creature cast a spell targeting the wearer. If they do, the ring negates the effects of the spell and regains a number of charges equal to the spells level. If this would bring the number of charges above 50, total stops at 50 and the wearer take 1d6 times the number of excess charges in force damage. The attuned creature may spend an action to spend some of the ring's charged to cast one the the following spells, using their spellcasting modifier as their spellcasting ability (Spell Save DC=8+Spellcasting Modifier+Proficiency Bonus): Spells :

Conjure Elemental (7 Charges)

Dispel Magic (3 Charges)

Fireball (as 7th level spell, 7 Charges)

Flaming Sphere (2 Charges)

Ice Storm (4 Charges)

Invisibility (2 Charges)

Knock (2 Charges)

Lightning Bolt (as 7th level spell, 7 Charges)

Passwall (5 Charges)

Planeshift (7 Charges)

Telekinesis (5 Charges)

Wall of Fire (4 Charges)

Web (2 Charges)

You can also use an action to cast one of the following spells without expanding any of the ring's charges : Arcane Lock ,Detect Magic , Enlarge/Reduce, Light, Mage Hand, Protection from Good and Evil.

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