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Ring (any ring), artifact

The Ring of the Silent Rogue is silver and bares a wide band, it is stamped with a cross with two dots either side.

Aura of Silence. Whilst wearing this ring the wearer is covered in an invisible aura of silence, eliminating any sound that the wearer makes, however the wearers ability to hear is unchanged. The ring allows the player to move without their armour making a sound this causes even the heaviest of armours to have the stealth property. The player is unable to communicate verbally, however they can communicate telepathically to others (provided that they do not need to speak e.g spellcasting) and by mouthing etc.

Verbal Magic Suppression. While wearing the ring it is impossible to cast magic that uses the voice of the wearer.

Stubborn Sentience. When its creator died whilst wearing the ring their soul was absorbed into the ring's matter, however due to the wide band design or perhaps due to the nature of the ring the trapped soul is very suppressed and can in no way communicate its wearer. The ring requires a DC 13 strength or slight of hand check to doff, this is because the ring knows when the wearer is attempting to release their finger and is afraid of abandonment. If the player fails to remove the ring they will be bitten for 1 damage where the ring is on the finger. The wearer can only attempt to remove the ring after failing after half an hour has passed since failing the first attempt. Occasionally the ring may become angered under certain stresses and bite the wearer.


Long ago there once was an artificer who was well respected until it was reveled that his clients used his creations to commit thievery against wealthy businesses and rich folk. Before he was ruined by this revelation he had constructed the Ring of the Silent Rogue and disappeared; it is thought he turned to a life of stealing and robbery.

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