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Vehicle, artifact

This small diamond sphere has a diameter of exactly 6.9685 inches. It always weighs 1 pound, making it almost 14 pounds lighter than it should be. The craftsmanship implies a masterful mage created it, perhaps even a deity.

The user, without being attuned, can use this item on a creature (Including throwing it like a Bead of Harmless Force to capture a target. That target (Assuming they fail the saving throw), is trapped in an impenetrable bubble (Not even a Disintegrate spell can destroy it) just large enough to fit them. They float weightlessly in this bubble, making it impossible for the target to move it. The target then gains the benefits of a Long Rest instantaneously and magically, and has all of its diseases, curses (That aren't Lycanthropy, Vampirism, or Lichdom) and Exhaustion Levels cured. Nothing (No effect or damage) can pierce the bubble on either side, and the target can't cast spells while within it.

The bubble lasts for 2 rounds. At the end of the 2nd round, the cost for its protective use occurs. When it was used, the user could have shouted the name of a plane with the same basic alignment (Ignoring Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic) as the target (or they could also specify The Material Plane) and/or a location (With the same accuracy as a Plane Shift spell). If they did, the target is transported through the bubble to that plane. Otherwise, the DM picks it (randomly if you wish). (To clarify: A Neutral Plane would be any of the elemental planes, the Astral Plane, the Ethereal Plane, the Shadowfell, or the Feywilde. Or the Material Plane.) When this occurs, the target is flung 1d100 years forward in time (And to a random location on that plane if it is the same plane the creature was already on and a location wasn't specified).

After this occurs, the target is instantly attuned to the item, benefiting from its random effects and the following ones. An attuned user cannot unattune to this item except by a Wish. If a Wish is used to unattune to this item, the Wish behaves as if replicating a spell of 8th-level or lower, and incurs no penalties to the user. When this happens, the orb appears before them, in their hands. Only 3 creatures, the original user, the original maker of the item (Whoever that is), and the attuned user can use a Wish to do this, and it causes the sphere to appear before them.

The attuned user's apparent age becomes that of a young adult (About 17 years old for a human, and the equivalent to any other target) as the bubble shrinks until it appears to be absorbed by the attuned user. The attuned user can then cast a special version of Otiluke's Resilient Sphere on themselves at any time, with a duration that lasts until dispelled without requiring concentration. This version of the spell causes the attuned user to float in a spectral harness in the orb's center, with the ability to move it at will with just their mind, with a movement speed equal of 60 feet (30 feet in liquid, the sphere sinks at 1 foot a round in water). The attuned user can cause the sphere to long jump up to 20 feet across gaps and high jump up to 10 feet as part of their movement. Additionally, while in this sphere, the attuned user ceases aging (and begins aging backwards to that predefined young adult age, a process that takes a minute), doesn't require sustenance (And becomes filled with enough of it to last a day without eating or drinking without negative effects if they remain in the sphere for a minute), and has the effects of diseases and curses they have nullified (When they leave the sphere, these effects remain unless something actually cures them).

If the attuned user becomes frightened, falls asleep, or takes damage that knocks them unconscious, they are automatically engulfed in the same sphere until they become conscious or cured of the frightened condition. While in the sphere, they automatically succeed on Death Saving Throws. A Disintegrate spell still destroys the sphere without harming the attuned user. If this occurs, the attuned user can't reform the sphere for an hour.
Random Properties. The The Desperate Move has the following random properties:

  • 4 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 0 minor detrimental properties
  • 0 major detrimental properties

Destroying the The Desperate Move. If an attuned user dies, the item shatters inside their heart, destroying both the heart (In a shrapnel explosion if that heart is smaller than 7 inches around) and the sphere, which was in there all along. Alternatively, the attuned user can also choose to use it as a Material Component in a special version of the Wish spell, which can allow the attuned user to travel back to where and WHEN they were before originally being hit by the sphere. This destroys the item without damaging the user. If this occurs, they appear exactly 1 round after they left, and must reroll Initiative if an encounter was happening when they left.

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