Glove of Eldritch Division (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item (Clothing), artifact

This glove is made of leather, covered both inside and outside in interlocking segments of a perlecent, and fairly heavy white metallic material.

Due to the heavy and awkward design of this glove, any dexterity checks for manipulating small items (such as picking locks) will be done at disadvantage while wearing it. Taking it off or putting it on can be done as a bonus action.
Eldritch Blast Division It does not affect normal spell-casting, but when the Warlock cantrip Eldritch Blast is fired, the glove splits each beam in two, with the resulting beams doing 1+1d4 force damage to the target. These beams can be directed at the same target, or different ones, with a separate attack roll for each beam.
Destroying the Glove of Eldritch Division. It can be physically broken by a DC 16 strength check, after which it is useless.

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