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Wand, artifact (Requires attunement by at least 15 level spellcaster)

Elder Wands creator is not known. Legend says 3 brothers crossed river by bulding bridge over with use magic and death impressed gave all 1 wish. 1 brother wished for wand that would beat everyone in duel. Death made wand from near elder tree and that's how it was created. Others think that brother made this wand himself. Elder Wand, Ressurection Stone and Invisibility Cloak together make Three Deathly Hollows. This wand only wants power and is not scared of betraying its owner for stronger one. It has history of many powerful spellcasters wielding it. It also doesn't benefit weak spellcasters.
Random Properties. The Elder Wand has the following random properties:
This wand has following properties while attuned to it: Enlightened Magic. Any spell slot you expend to cast spell counts as a spell slot of one level higher.

Magical Weapon. This wand adds +4 to spell attack bonus and +2 to spell save DC.

Owner Loyalty. If spell casted from this wand would lower creature attuned to it to 0 or less HP, it casts instead Feign Death ( with same range as spell casted) without knowledge of creature casting it. Owner of this wand affected by Feign Death under these conditions, can end spells effect on him prematurely whenever he wants and all other creatures around become surprised including allies.

Power Hungry. This wand's attunement works differently. Instead of having to spend time with it, it attunes when 1 spellcaster defeats another by killing him or by defeating him in another way like stripping wand from his hand via spell. It can also change attunement after owner got hit by 6th or higher level spell and caster of that spell is spellcaster with higher spellcasting class level than owner, but he should also have higher ambitions (DM judgement). New owner attunes instantly and all properties it has are switched to new owner, because all require attunement.

Spell Absorption. While holding this wand and attuned to it, you have advantage on saving throws against spells. In addition, you can use your reaction when another creature casts a spell that targets only you. If you do, the wand absorbs the magic of the spell, canceling its effect and gaining charges equal to spell's level. However, charges can't exceed 50 and are therefore not added, but still negate that spell.

Spells. This wand has 50 charges for following spells and regains 4d6 of its expends charges daily at dawn: You can cast Mending spell at will and you can use charges for casting spells you already know and have prepared. Expend 1 charge as action per spell level that you cast-->
Destroying the Elder Wand. Only true owner attuned this wand can destroy it and he can simply do it by breaking it over knee. Its magic can also be destroyed by its owner dying from natural death. At that point no one is attuned to it and it therefore can't have new owner who could benefit from its properties.

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