His Broken Hands (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item (prosthetic), artifact (attunement required.)

Mekhane god of technology, metal, and invention. Broke himself to protect humanity from the dark god Yaldaboth is many pieces fell to earth and this is just one of many imbued with wonderous power. These Iron wrought hands have been finely crafted as if they were born perfected, they were the mold from which all prostheses must have born of the godly spark still lies within these fragments. To attune, saw off your old hands and place the wrists of these hands onto the stubs of your arms
His Anvil. This item allows for mobile forging of magic items at 5 times the speed whilst as a bonus action you can summon an indestructible anvil. This anvil can be returned into the palm of the hand as a reaction.

His Hammer. As a bonus action you can summon forth a Mystical maul used to forged thought into reality this counts as a +3 maul with the light, thrown (40/120) property and +3 smithing tools giving you advantage on smithing checks, or any checks related to forging.

His Heat The maul and all weapons you wield deal an additional 1d12 Fire damage

His Spark You count as immune to lightning and fire damage and as a bonus action switch the fire damage from his heat to lightning damage

His Memory Technology in all its forms bend the knee in your grasp. grabbing any piece of tech allows you to instantly understand it and its mechanisms. You can spend 1 minute studying a piece of technology to determine its use, purpose, and any other bits of information you desire.

His Armor these hands grant a +2 bonus to AC

Minor Mundane Item Creation Due to the inherent connection to the very concept of creation of the mechanical and technological, you can as an action create any mundane object no larger or taller than a 5ft cube, it also must be made of a worked or manufactured resource example, created items last indefinitely as long as the creator stays within 15ft of the item, the item disappears after 1 minute of being outside of creator's range
Destroying the His Broken Hands. Re-forge Mekhane, using anywhere between 200-500 gp depending on your setting, and 2 in-game days. Once he is reforged, place the hands upon the frame and kill the vessel.

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