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Wondrous Item (Book), artifact (requires attunement from a dragon, draconic creature, or creature with draconic blood)

The Draconomicon has a number of abilities:

Book of Dragons

The Draconomicon has all known general information on dragons, however, once per day, the attuned creature may learn all known information about one dragon (this includes dead, undead, gods, and cursed dragons. It also includes dragons who are trapped in non-dragon forms and creatures who have at one time or another have had the form of a dragon.

Draconic Magic

The Draconomicon has numerous spells that the attuned creature can learn. A spellcaster (regardless of class) can learn a random spell from the book if they study it for the period of one long rest. They forget the spell when they use it. Any spellcaster regardless of class may use any spell from the Draconomicon as long as they have the required spell slot (spells can only be learned by the attuned creature). If the attuned creature gets a spell they don't want or are unable to use (they don't have the spell slots, etc.), they may study the Draconomicon for an hour to replace the spell they got with another random one. If the roll would give them the same spell, they may re-roll. This may be done as many times as the attuned creature would like. It is impossible to copy anything from the Draconomicon and all pages become blank for 24 hours if someone attempts to copy anything from the Draconomicon. Spells (except for Draconic Wrath) are identical to their normal counterparts, except that they do not require materials or somatic components and that any attuned spellcaster can learn and use them.


01-05 Sleep 06-09 Wall of Thorns 10-15 Speak With Animals 16-18 Cure Wounds 19-22 Circle of Power 23-26 Magic Missile 27-31 Barkskin 32-35 Tree Stride 36-38 Plane Shift 39-42 Locate Object 43-45 Finger of Death 46-47 Power Word Kill 48-50 Water Walk 51-53 Demiplane 54-56 True Polymorph 57-59 Fireball 60-63 Telepathy 64-66 Storm of Vengeance 67-70 Dimension Door 71-73 Power Word Heal 74 Time Stop 75-77 Polymorph 78-79 True Resurrection 80-82 Astral Projection 83-85 Modify Memory 86-89 Feign Death 90 Wish 91-95 Raise Dead 96-99 Zone of Truth 00 Draconic Wrath

Ancient Rituals

The Draconomicon has three rituals that can be performed by any creature that knows them, though there VERY few place outside of the Draconomicon that has them (note: with exception of Form Change, the ritual consumes the material requirement):

Strengthen Healing

Requires 500 gp of gold dust, 1 pint of a dragon's blood, a Healing spell (regardless of kind)

The caster and two others (or three others without the caster) stand in the circle made from the dust. The caster casts a healing spell directed on the dragon's blood, then pours the dragon's blood on each creature in the circle. All affected creatures recover 1 HP when they roll for initiative, or 1 HP a minute out of combat, for 1 hour.

Guard Mind

Requires 500 gp of silver dust, two Broken silver rings, a Dispel magic spell

The caster and one other creature (or two other creatures without the caster) stand in a circle made from the dust. Each holds one of the rings as the caster casts dispel magic. All affected creatures are resistant to psychic damage and have advantage when resisting all mental related spells and abilities for 1 hour.

Form Change

Requires Ring of protection, a Cup, a Dagger made of a metal/gem of corresponding color to dragon while enchanted to extra damage to dragons, the Polymorph spell, and, if casting permanent version, a Statuette exactly like the dragon

This ritual swaps a dragon's form with another creature for 1 hour (unless performed to be permanent, in which cast it is permanent unless the ritual is re-preformed). Both "trade" forms, but retain possessions, and traits from class or non-physcial means (breath weapons and lycanthropy are a trait by physical means, spellcasting and mental powers are not) as well as their Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma score (they replace their Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution scores with the other creature's score). To preform, the caster first draws a circle using a mixture of both creatures' bloods. Both creatures stand in the circle. Then the non-dragon (or if both creatures are dragons, the dragon whose scales do not match the color of the metal/gem of the dagger) wears the ring of protection. The caster then, using the dagger to wound both creatures, collects blood in the cup from both creatures and casts the polymorph spell on it (if this is to be permanent, the statuette is then bathed in the blood mixture and set in the middle of the circle), then the blood mixture is poured on the wound made to collect the blood of each creature (once the polymorph spell has be cast, the wounds stop bleeding, with any excess blood vanishing). The blood mixture cannot touch any body part except that wound, otherwise the result for that creature will go wrong (DM's choice what happens). To represent the difficultly, the caster must make a Dexterity check against DC 20. If done correctly, both creatures will change forms, becoming identical to the other creature's previous form. The spellcaster can be one of the creatures in question. Both creatures after the "swap" are unharmed, with no scars, injuries, or anything from the ritual visible, unless the the result when wrong.
Random Properties. The Draconomicon has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 2 minor detrimental properties
  • 1 major detrimental property

Destroying the Draconomicon. The Draconomicon can only be destroyed by having Io, draconic god of creation, unmake it.

Draconic Wrath[edit]

9th level Evocation[edit]

Verbal Components Required[edit]

Casting Time: 1 action[edit]

Duration: Instantaneous[edit]

Range: Varies[edit]


This spell summons forth the full wrath of a dragon to decimate your foes. You may choose to make one of the following:(1)A melee spell attack that does 10d10 force damage (or damage type associated with Draconic Ancestry or similar ability). (2)A ranged spell attack that has a range of 120 ft. This does 5d6 force damage (or damage type associated with Draconic Ancestry or similar ability). If it hits, the affected enemy takes 1d10 force damage (or damage type associated with Draconic Ancestry or similar ability) when they roll for initiative for 1d10 turns. (3)Effects all enemies within a 60 ft radius of the user. Enemies in the area take 3d10 force damage (or damage type associated with Draconic Ancestry or similar ability) and have a disadvantage on their next attack roll.

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