Signet Ring of Supreme Spell Storage (5e Equipment)

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Signet Ring of Supreme Spell Storage

Ring, artifact (requires attunement by a wizard)

Crafted by an unknown master wizard by combining a Ring of Spell Storing, a Ring of Spell Turning, the Astral Dragonsphire, and asorted other alchemical materials, it posses immense power and magical control which is granted to its wearer. This ring contains incredible power over magic, allowing it to store magical energy and tap into it at will. This is possible due to the well of magical energy in the Astral Dragonsphire serving as a psuedo bag of holding for magical energy.
Random Properties. The Signet Ring of Supreme Spell Storage has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 0 major beneficial properties
  • 2 minor detrimental properties
  • 1 major detrimental property

Supreme Spell Storage The ring contains 45 charges. When you are targeted for a saving throw from any spell that targets only you (not in an area of effect) or are targeted by a spell attack, you can use your reaction to attempt to capture the magical energy used for the spell. If it was a save DC, a success will automatically store the energy and negate all damage; however, if you fail the DC, you will still take full damage as normal. If this DC uses Intelligence or Wisdom, you have advantage on this check. If you're targeted by a spell attack, you can use your reaction to contest your intelligence against that of the attacker's + their proficiency bonus, if you succeed the spell will be stored and negate all damage; however, if you fail, the spell hits and deals damage as normal. Each spell stored uses a charge equal to the spell slot used for its casting, i.e. A fireball spell cast using a third-level spell slot will take three charges to store. If a spell would exceed this storage capacity, the attuned person takes 1d10 force damage for each level above the maximum 45, this damage can not be altered or reduced in any way (i.e. If 2 charges were available, and you attempted to store a fireball cast with a third-level spell slot, you would take 1d10 force damage, and the spell would not be stored) As an action, you can cast a spell stored in the ring at the level it was cast at without consuming a spell slot of your own, you are considered the caster for this spell, not the original caster. The ring gains back charges spent by the level of the spell cast at dawn each morning, i.e. if you have 23 charges remaining and you use a fireball spell at third-level from the ring, you will regain three charges at dawn the following day. Finally, the attuned person can cast a spell while touching the ring and selecting it as the target for the spell, the spell will automatically be absorbed and can then be cast from the ring at any time as if it were any other spell or converted to mana as such.

Spell Conversion While taking a long or short rest, you can convert any spell stored within the ring into mana of the same amount, i.e. a fireball cast using a third-level spell slot can be converted to three mana. As an action, you can cast a spell from the ring using mana equal to double that of the spell you wish to cast (i.e. six mana is required for a third-level spell, and ten mana is required for a fifth-level spell)

Supreme Restoration If all the charges and spells are expended from the ring, roll a d20, on a one the Astral Dragonsphire explodes, dealing 6d12 force damage to any creature within a 300 ft sphere, if you roll a twenty, all charges are restored and the ring gains a pool of 30 mana. If anything else is rolled, the ring gains all its charges back at dawn after 1d12 days.
Destroying the Signet Ring of Supreme Spell Storage. The ring can only be destroyed by its own effect or by the wizard who created it. However, it can be rendered powerless by bathing it in the willingly given blood of one of the dragon gods, Bahamut, Tiamat, or Io, causing the Astral Dragonsphire to lose its illustrious glow, rendering it a mundane, if pretty, signet ring worth 1,500 GP.

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