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Wondrous Item, artifact (Requires attunement, spellcasters gain additional benefits)

Deeply blood-red, this teardrop gemstone is said to have been created by - or perhaps, from - an ancient undying power. Some even call it the "Philosopher's Stone", but that is a gross misnomer.
Random Properties. The Philosophy's Mutation has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 2 minor detrimental properties
  • 1 major detrimental property

Transmute. As an action, you can create/replace physical materials. Within a range of 20 feet, you may make - or transmute - a singular, raw material object no larger than 10 feet in any dimension, or a complex object no larger than 5 feet. This does not require any equivalent exchange to take place - it just happens.

Increased Casting Time. It is possible to transmute larger and farther. Each full-round action you spend preparing a transmutation (this counts as concentration), the size of the object you produce can be up to 50% larger, with an increase of 10 feet to range. This effect is cumulative. 3 rounds is equal to a 150% increase (x2.5) and 30 feet range-up.

Equilibrium. This stone requires that one understands what they are changing an object from, and into. If you are on a plane that does not observe your native-plane laws of reality, then you are unable to use all the features of this artifact. For example, transmuting is instead required to have equivalent-exchange of mass. This is true of all outer planes, if you are native to any inner plane.

This is the full extent of what this artifact can do for non-spellcasting classes. Below are the additional benefits granted to spellcasters.

Improved Spellcasting. This artifact can act as a +3 Arcane Focus, granting that +3 bonus to your spell saving throw DC, as well as attack modifier.

As an added benefit, any spell of the Transmutation school that does not incur a saving throw or is a spell attack, does not need spell slots to cast. Additionally, all cost-based components are waived through this artifact. any Transmutation spell that has Concentration can be altered to be "until dispelled" if a spell slot is spent on it, and the spell is held for its full duration. This is reduced in effectiveness when it comes to spells that directly affect creatures, however. This artifact can sustain at most 1 spell, on one creature, through this effect.

Equilibrium. If you are on a non-native plane, you may only prepare a single spell to be considered free to cast. You may change this spell with another spell on any long rest you are on your native plane of existence.

Physical re-arrangement. As an action, within 5 feet of yourself, you can fuse two objects into one (given a surface area spot-fuse no larger than 10 square feet), split one object along a flat plane (again, with a 10 sq. foot area maximum), or alter the temperature/pressure of an object no larger than 5 feet in dimension. This alteration to temperature and/or pressure means one can completely change the state of matter of Medium-size objects or smaller, and this effect is kept stable for 1 minute. The object must not be moving, otherwise this feature has no effect.

Increased Casting Time. Each full-round action spent preparing a re-arrangement augments the size of objects you can alter by 50%, and the range of this feature increases by 5 feet.

Translate. As an action, choose an object no larger than 10 feet within 60 feet of yourself that you can see. That object moves from wherever it was, to up to 15 feet in any direction. This takes place over the space of 6 seconds. The object observes zero acceleration through this feature.

Increased Casting Time. Each full-round action spent preparing augments the object's maximum allowed size by 50%, the range of this feature by 10 feet, and the amount moved by 100%.

Petrifier. Taking one hour of concentration, you can gather enough energy to produce a charge of Petrification, or Depetrification. This artifact can hold only one charge at a time. This feature has a range of 30 feet, and a casting time of one action. If Petrification is used upon a creature, they must make a Dexterity saving throw (DC 15) or become petrified, until this effect is dispelled. Dispelling this feature is very easy, requiring only a minimum-cast Dispel Magic. Depetrification removes the petrified condition from any creature.

Living Horrors. Over the course of 1 minute, you can carefully prepare a transmutation to living matter that won't prove detrimental to its host. You must be within touching range of all of the matter you wish to transmute, over the entire casting time. An example use of this is to fuse this artifact into your body. Another example would be to replace your feet with gold, but that's not recommended.

Destroying the Philosophy's Mutation. This artifact is only vulnerable to damage if the stone is petrified - which can only occur when it is in possession of a creature. The resulting statue must be ground to dust, in 1D100 years, the stone de-petrifies itself - if the stone is any larger than coarse dust, it will aggregate surrounding materials in an ever-increasing radius into itself to compensate for missing matter. This re-aggregation process is very inefficient, and the stone requires many tons to gather even a few cubic inches to itself. This makes the artifact incredibly destructive, if it is improperly or partially destroyed.

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