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Weapon (any martial sword), artifact (requires attunement)

Each shardblade is an expertly crafted sword that deals 2d8 points of damage, and no two look alike. Every one has its name or other designs engraved on the blade, having to do with the moon, and all take on various hues of silver and blue. You have a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made using this magic weapon. On a natural hit roll of 14 or higher, the blade deals double damage to living creatures with discernible anatomy.

Light of the Moon. As a bonus action the shards glow with the light of the moon shining bright light in a 60 foot radius, making the wielder aware of all things hidden within the light. While lit it deals an extra 2d8 radiant damage.

Soulshear. When you score a critical hit on a creature without a shard blade, if the target is at 50 hit points or less, it kills the target as long as it has discernible anatomy.
Each time you deal damage to a living creature, reduce its maximum hit points by the damage dealt. Shardblades do not reduce temporary hit points, they always deal their damage to a creature's natural hit point total. In order to regain their lost hit point total, a player must be at their current maximum hit points and then spend hit dice during a rest, regaining the maximum hit points equal to the number rolled, up to your natural maximum hit points.

Night Blight. The attuned wielder of the blade gains the power to cast the darkness spell up to 3 times, without expending material components or a spellslot. This property recovers use at midnight everyday.

Silverbane. Attacks with this weapon are considered magical (silvered). This weapon emits out bright moonlight for up to 10 feet of its attuned wielder.

Bonded Blade. Once attuned, this weapon may be dismissed as a bonus action, disappearing into the æther. It can then be summoned as an action, appearing from mist in the wielder's hands. Once summoned, a shardblade remains as long as the owner wishes it to stay. It may be dismissed by the one attuned to it even if another creature is wielding it. If a creature who has attuned to a shardblade dies, the blade manifests at their side as though summoned. In order to willingly break your bond with a shardblade, you must summon it and let it go, willing away your connection. A shardblade may not be attuned to a creature if another living creature is already attuned to it. Broken Shards The 13 Moon Shards were once all pieces of one oversized greatsword, it was shattered by the god of destruction in a fight with Evandra an avatar of the goddess of the moon Lumna. The blades can be brought before her to be reforged into the greatsword once more, growing stronger with each shard. Each shard compounds the strength of the soulshear adding 50 hitpoints to the maximum execution range.

At 7 shards the blade gains the property...

Reveals All. The light of the moon reveals all. As an action you can flash the light outwards revealing all hidden creatures of your choice in the radius, also the damage of "Light of the Moon" is increased to 3d8, and you may now cast moonbeam at 5th level as a bonus action at will, as long as you are soul bound to the blade. Once you have all 13 reforged the blades name becomes "Lumos the Blade of the Forgotten Light" its damage die becomes 4d10 and it becomes a +13 weapon. The damage from "Light Of the Moon" becomes 13d10, and the radius grows to 120 feet. Also the moonbeam is now cast at 9th level. The damage modifier above 14 from soul shear is now 4. In addition the blade gains the property. Lumnas Favored. While in the light of the moon you have advantage on all attacks with Lumos, also when in the light of the full moon or in the presence of Lumna the damage modifier of Soulshear becomes 13x.

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