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Potion, Artifact

The Potion of Animation was first brewed in the laboratory of Uluk the Seeking, when he was trying to create a potion that would bring the dead back to life. He finally discovered a potion that would bring a wooden figure of a crow to life. He was rejoiced at completing his work and decided to try the potion on himself to see what effect it would have on the living. Alas, through some unfortunate circumstance, his entire essence - mind, body, and soul - were pulled into the potion. The potion currently is in an unknown location, but it is known to have had around 10 creatures animated or cured at the point of time of the game, so it is more than half gone.

The Potion of Animation has 1d6 + 1 ounces of liquid left in it. Pouring one ounce of liquid on an object or a creature will cause it to animate again. If you use it on an object, it will cause it to become animate and serve the potion-user, as with the awaken spell. When used on a dead creature, it will live again and be cured of any illnesses that made it die, as with the resurrection spell.

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